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@Adobe Primetime Looks to Dominate Prime Time



In the short span of just five years, Adobe’s Primetime has become a true dominant force in the world of clashing technologies that continue the ongoing battle to get video content from the production studio to a consumer’s device of choice as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Adobe Primetime is a multiscreen television platform that creates individual and unique viewing experiences and is being used across multiple industries to create custom content, profoundly engage users and to monetize their content to the fullest.

As video continues to be an entertainment juggernaut, Primetime offers broadcasters the opportunity to use a proven system that allows producers to stream, analyze and protect their creations across multiple viewing platforms and devices. It has been allowing content creators and producers the product they need to deliver what their viewers want, anywhere they happen to be, and to deliver that content to over three billion devices.

One of the major advantages to Adobe’s Primetime is that your workflows can, suddenly, become highly flexible by allowing you to be capable of adding modular options to your already existing broadcasting as well as your distribution workflows to include everything from live TV to VOD to linear TV.

Another feature of Adobe’s Primetime that will help you get that edge over your rivals is the ability to integrate everything into the Adobe Marketing Cloud that will allow for real time delivery for media sellers. With both Adobe Analytics and Adobe Manager, you will better understand how your audiences watch premium programming content and to create an ad inventory that will allow you to seemlessly layer in your collected audience data.


Integrating with Analytics and Manger will allow to to…

  • App analytics will let you take your app delivery up a notch by providing easier discovery and engagement to boost your geographic and demographic marketing. Customer 360 lets content producers understand the viewer experience across multiple channels which will let you deliver timely and effective content to those customers and prospects at exactly the right time.
  • Adobe Analytics also provides you with astounding predictive models as well as algorithmic cross channel attribution that will be the engaging and successful force behind all of your digital marketing efforts. Analytics can also create and produce standardized content and measurement of advertising so as to creatively engage across any manner of platform or device.
  • The attribution feature can let you look at all of your various marketing channels all in one location. With budget accountability, customer focused decision making and channel awareness, you will immediately know where resources are needed and when it may be time to reassess and pivot.
  • Adobe Analytics also brings you the awesome power of predictive analytics. It allows you to really see and understand the impact your marketing is having as well as being able to use predictive scoring to predict viewer outcomes and future engagement. Use powerful tools such as data mining and statistical modeling to quickly assess previous performance so as to assure success in the future.
  • Adobe Audience Manager is a complete data management system lets you truly assess your audiences so that you can find those with the most value to you and use them across all digital channels. Not only come to truly understand your audience but Audience Manager lets you find new potential audiences for your content for extreme targeting of not only your content but your advertising as well.

See how NBCSports has used Adobe Primetime to deliver engaging content like the Olympics…

Adobe Primetime continues to be the answer for such broadcasting giants as Comcast and NBC as Primetime lets programmers employ flexible solutions that covers any concern from seemless ad insertion to SDK’s for multiple platforms to real time data and insights to the ability for more efficient monetization.

For operators, Primetime gives you the ability to tap into and forcefully engage your audiences with your high quality targeted content that they can see anytime, anywhere, on any chosen device.

Kevin Sawyer

Kevin Sawyer

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