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Shaping the Light – Rendering with @Silverdraft

What do they grow on the render farm? Light and reflection, and images bright. What do they grow on the render farm? Shadows and darkness, shades of the night. Computer juggles the contrast and texture. Sparing the artist, a mechanized protector? The Render Wrangler tends this farm. Your data is safe! No cause for alarm.   Old time animation was ...

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It Isn’t News without Graphics

We’ve all heard that: “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words,” but how about a picture designed to speak to us? Images that aren’t just a happy coincidence that fit what we are trying to convey? Can those images say more than a thousand words? Newsroom graphics, used to full effect, can help get the word out on any targeted ...

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Sony – Technology on the Edge

Sony, never a company to coast on its success, stays at the forefront of innovation for general consumer products and media professional products alike. The company seems to have a knack for holding onto tried and true technologies, as long as they maintain solid relevance while, at the same time, always staying at the cutting edge – developing newtech to ...

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Cine Gear Expo 2015 at Paramount Studios…

Cine Gear Expo 2015 is here! This early June event (4th through 7th) is wall to wall info-tainment. This media extravaganza was held at the Paramount Studios lot in (trumpet fanfare) Hollywood! Knowledge is power, but it can also be interesting, and possibly even (dare I say?) fun. We had the opportunity to fill our brain with neat and useful stuff ...

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Space (Black)magic! Interstellar!

It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s the HAYABUSA II! Last December, JAXA (the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency) launched its second mission in the Hayabusa line from the Yoshinobu launch complex at Tanegashima Space Center. HAYABUSA I achieved many firsts in space exploration. The mission wasn’t perfect, but it accomplished quite a bit, including the expenditure of over 1000 hours ...

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Ikan – You Can!

Ikan really pulled-out all the stops for the 2015 NAB Show. This year’s show entrants breathed new life into the already impressive Ikan product lines.   So, what’s new? You might be inclined to ask. Well… monitors? Check. Rigs? Got that. Teleprompters? OK. LED lights? Yup, did you even need to ask? Ikan carries a broad swath of equipment needs that ...

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Plura Monitors – See it to Believe it!

Plura Broadcast has made a name for itself in cutting-edge monitors. Monitors aren’t all they do however; a glance at their NAB booth #N2718 at the Las Vegas NAB show would have dispelled all notions of a one-trick pony (albeit an amazing high-quality trick). On display at the booth were such non-monitor items as: an app for MTDoE timers to ...

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APPly your iPad to editing with CTRL + Console!

CTRL + Console was co-founded by Jeff Chow. Mr. Chow set out to create a new breed of software that would allow creativity to flow more freely – by eliminating the need for users to continually be required to learn complicated new software programs. From humble beginnings as a startup in 2012, the company has grown and now has a ...

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On Cue with Autocue & 2015 #NABSHOW

Faulty memory and last minute scripting changes lead to the introduction of cue cards in early media and entertainment. The next step in the emergence of that sort of memory aid was the appearance of the teleprompter in the early 50’s, when the founders of TelePrompTer Corporation saw the potential of such a device. In this incarnation, the mechanical device ...

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NAB Signature Sessions

The 2015 NAB Show isn’t always about the latest gadget or doohickey; true, that’s a big part of the magic, but it’s not the entire picture. The 2015 NAB Show is about the latest thing in media – whether it’s a cool machine, a clever piece of software, or maybe something less tangible like a new trend, or piece of ...

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The Drone Zone: 2015 #NABSHOW

The 2015 NAB Show in Vegas introduces a new dimension for content creation – UP! It’s time to open the vault of the heavens and explore the skies in search of those perfect aerial shots. New for the upcoming NAB show: the Aerial Robotics and Drone Pavilion! A bevy of virtual aeronauts has descended on the NAB show this year. ...

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Imagine Communications – Larger for The 2015 NAB Show

Sunnyvale – that bustling city in California’s Silicon Valley has seen yet another corporate acquisition meant to increase options and flexibility in the media sector. RGB Networks, Inc., a major player in providing solutions for delivery of video on multiple screens, has had the majority of its employees agree to join with Imagine Communications, a rising star in media, with ...

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Glookast – The Glue that Binds! See them at 2015 NAB Show

People are often judged by the company they keep; the same principle can be applied to companies – GLOOKAST keeps some interesting companies for technology partners, including: Object Matrix, Nearline Storage Workflows, Interplay WEB Services API, (authorized developer for) Avid, XAVC, HDCAM SR (SStP), and Sony. Glookast also has several reselling partners – the most recent addition to that list ...

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The IntelliTrac Console and TracWall by TBC Consoles

I was delighted with our official Broadcast Beat Studios Grand Opening Gala in time for the 2015 NAB Show. The completion of our TBC IntelliTrac Console and the TBC TracWall behind it happened just a few weeks before our studio’s grand opening. TBC provided the perfectly engineered skeleton and framework to our completed master control room. Our Console is from the IntelliTrac ...

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Canon Wraps The Sundance Film Festival 2015 (See them at 2015 NAB Show!)

Ah, Utah – home of great Skiing, The Utah Jazz, Robert Redford, The Sundance Film Festival, and adjoined to that celebration the Canon Creative Studio, which just wrapped-up Monday Night, January 26th, the Sundance Film Festival was underway until February 1st. The Canon Creative Studio served as a haven from the creative chaos that is the Sundance Film Festival, providing ...

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Content Acquisition – THIS is how WE do it! – 2015 NAB Show

When you think of content acquisition, long contracts and tricky legal deals probably aren’t the first thing that pops into your head. Netflix, for example, is making several deals with content owners to radically expand its streaming library. We’ll let the legal department focus on that sort of thing while we chase down content our own way. Typically, content acquisition ...

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