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SMPTE Announces: New 2018 BOD’s and Secretary/Treasurer

The new year brings leadership changes to the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. The advancement of entertainment technology has been with us for over a century and the SMPTE organization has always lead the charge in providing the industry with the brightest minds for SMPTE members and non-members alike. “The SMPTE directors for 2018 reflect the Society’s commitment ...

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VITEC Readies for First ISE Appearance

The Integrated Systems Europe Convention 2018 will have a new exhibitor with an experienced background in advanced video encoding and streaming solutions, named VITEC.  VITEC systems are designed to flawlessly integrate with any IT environment and networks- including LAN, WAN, and wireless. The debut of the new EZ TV IPTV, is truly a future-proof tool with a scalable platform for ...

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Timeline Television Launches RF2!

The growing demands of 4K UHD RF uplinks has major provider, UK based Timeline Television, launching a second uplink truck that will double their fleet and provide their clients increased flexibility.  The new truck’s designation will be RF2 and will incorporate the very best in 4K technology from manufacturers across our global industry. The growth and demand of RF1 (Timeline’s ...

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Product Spotlight: The JetStor X Family of Storage

Performance, scalability and functionality are common buzz words that are normally associated with large enterprise solutions, which of course, would require large budgets. However, AC&NC’s JetStor X family of RAID/ All Flash/ Hybrid Flash storage solutions are proving that “big money” is not a requirement to deliver a 99.999 percent availability resource. “AC&NC is exited to offer JetStor X storage ...

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Product Spotlight: Blackjet UX-1 Cinema Dock

The Blackjet UX-1 Cinema Dock from Atech Flash Technology (AFT) features a dual SSD docking solution plus five multimedia card slots supporting media cards XQD 2.0, CFast 2.0, CompactFlash, SD, and microSD.  As Atech Flash Technology (AFT) will be launching the premier line under the Blackjet brand, this latest cinema dock as all the “bells and whistles” you could ask ...

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Broadcast Beat Leads the Pack in Recent Survey!

Broadcast Beat Magazine had an incredible 2017 and our 2018 forecast is even brighter! Since our inception in 2014, Broadcast Beat has continued to provide our industry invaluable content and coverage for industry professionals. Our motto has remained the same “keeping professionals in  the know.” We at Broadcast Beat take pride in our services and we are extremely excited by ...

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Plura Brings Monitor Standardization to SNY

SportsNet New York, aka SNY, the official television home of the New York Mets, Jets, and all things New York sports has recently relocated from midtown Manhattan to 4 World Trade Center in lower Manhattan, sky high to floor 50 and included in the fold were a total of 90 new and existing Plura  monitors ranging from 9” to 55”.  ...

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RED WEAPON Upgrade to 8K!

RED Digital Cinema is currently scheduling upgrades for quarter one and beyond with special pricing available for WEAPON 8K S35 (limited edition) and also for the 8K VV ANA BRAINS. Also, note that all Carbon fiber WEAPON customers are now eligible to upgrade their sensor to MONSTRO 8K VV. MONSTRO has been described as the evolutionary step beyond the RED DRAGON ...

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ATTO Supports New iMAC Pro Release from Apple

ATTO Technology, Inc., will be continuing their ongoing commitment of supporting the newly released line of product updates and innovations from Apple. “Our deep relationship with Apple over the last 30 years continues to drive our position as a leading force within the Apple community,” said Timothy J. Klein, president and CEO at ATTO Technology. The newly released iMac Pro ...

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Manufacturer Spotlight: Kino Flo Lighting Systems

Kino Flo Lighting Systems have been the manufacturer of high quality LED and fluorescent soft lighting equipment for over 30 years and have been a fixture in the worlds of cinema lighting, television, video, and photography. Located in Burbank, CA, Kino Flo expansion of services and operations are worldwide in which the company provides distribution support for the local studios, ...

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Product Spotlight: The Next Generation ActiveStor by Panasas

Panasas has introduced their next generation ActiveStor® scale-out NAS solution. This flexible system is capable of a scaling capacity to 57PB and delivering 360GB/s of bandwidth. The beauty is this system doubles metadata performance to cut data access time in half, as well as, scales true performance and capacity independently. “Our research shows that the commercial sector has emerged as ...

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Tom Cotney To Lead Imagine Communications

Tom Cotney has been appointed CEO for Imagine Communications, as Charlie Vogt will be transitioning from the day-to-day operations of Imagine to a Senior Advisory role with the Gores Group. Charlie will be focusing on strategic M&A activity specifically focused on the Technology, Media and Communications sectors. Imagine Communications are a proved industry leader in break through technologies that which include ...

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Rodeo FX Expands to Munich!

Montreal-based visual effects studio Rodeo FX has expanded its network with the opening of an office in Munich, Germany. This marks the first European studio for the company. The new facility, is located in the heart of beautiful Munich, Germany, and will certainly provide the gateway to a specialized market in the Maxvorstadt district. The new studio will be managed ...

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Lawo mc²56 Audio Consoles Upgrade the Zurich Opera House

The Zurich Opera House upgrades both the sound control room and auditorium space with the highly advanced Lawo IP mc²56 mixing board for the 2017-2018 opera and theater season. The new Lawo mixing boards offer 48 faders in the control room along with a 32-fader console with a 16-fader extender which is connected to the hall console and 16-fader front ...

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CoreMelt’s Black Friday Deals Aren’t Over Yet!

CoreMelt’s awesome Black Friday sale is still available through December 1st and you definitely need to take advantage of their incredible offers on motion templates! The VFXMarket section features 50% off their collections that pinpoint and feature Fashion, Technology, Real Estate, and Weddings in retro styling and illustrated pen and ink! Also, CoreMelt isn’t stopping there. Receive all CoreMelt plugins ...

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Sony Video Series: LMD Monitor Tech Tips featuring Joseph Schimizzi

Learning through the video portal is a wonderful way to expand a person’s knowledge in fully understanding complicated studies. Sony Professional has brought us a wonderful technical video series on the inner working for their own camera products and now are launching the LMD monitor series featuring Joseph Schimizzi, an engineer with Sony, who I had the pleasure of long ...

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