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#NABShow 2017: Product Spotlight: AEOS Compact LED’s by Rotolight!

The British LED lighting manufacturer, Rotolight, Booth C8843 (RTS Inc), has launch the first ever LED lighting innovation that is geared for professionals on the move! Whether you are a photographer or a videographer, the AEOS will be your lighting tool of choice. This “ultra thin” design of the AEOS is weighing in at under 1.5kg and is 1 cm ...

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#NABShow 2017: NewTek & Vizrt Announces the Release of the NVG1!

NewTek and Vizrt have announced the release of the NVG1 (the NewTek and Vizrt IP Graphics Server)! This joint venture will provide consumers a real time 4K capable 3D graphics system that is solely designed with the NewTek IP series and new TriCaster TC1 in mind. The design is framed around the NewTek 1RU server platform and the NDI™ IP ...

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#NABShow: Power Session: The Ad Innovation Lab powered by GABBCON!

#NABshow 2017 will certainly be one of the most memorable events of the year for the broadcast industry! There will be buzzwords floating along the enormous convention floor as well as during the informative sessions that will take place throughout the entire week of April 22nd to April 27th, 2017. One of the more powerful informational packages that show attendees ...

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NAB 2017: Product Showcase: MAC Mini Workstations by JMR Electronics

JMR Electronics has absolutely created a very nice tool for the on-location shoot and post workflow professional! Introducing the JMR Lightning model LTNG-XD-8-MMDT! This self contained desktop/DI cart workstation is a monster! It is designed with the the cinematographer and post production personnel in mind that are looking for the ultimate in portable DI carts for on-location productions. The desktop ...

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NAB 2017 Product Showcase: 12G+ Single-Link Patching by Bittree!

Bittree High Performance Patching Systems has continued to deliver outstanding products for a number of years (39 years to be exact), specializing in the area of high quality audio and video patch bays and patch panels. Now, with the release of the new 12G+ offerings that are aimed toward the 4K and 8K market, Bittree Inc. is primed for showcasing ...

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NAB 2017: MOBILE and the M.E.T. Effect

The ability to access all information, anywhere at anytime with just a simple touch of a button is just how powerful and convenient technology has become within the last twenty years. Slim designed phones and tablets have provided the masses with breaking news, live streamed events, and your favorite television programs whether your on a plane, train, or in bed. ...

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NAB 2017: FILMMAKING and The M.E.T. Effect

Filmmaking has evolved over the past one hundred twenty plus years with numerous art forms laying down its foundation. From the Edison Studios release of Anna Belle Serpentine Dance by filmmaker William Heise in 1895 which was mastered at 30fps from 35mm and Hand Tinted, to having it revised and even more delicately painted five years later by the Lumiere ...

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NAB 2017 Product Showcase: JVC GY-HM200SP The All In One Sports Coverage Solution!

The JVC GY-HM200SP is becoming quite the popular all-inclusive camcorder for single camera sports production these days. This camcorder is designed with game coverage in mind. It is ideal for high school , colleges, and our local PEG channels. The GY-HM200SP has some interesting features that will sure to thrill from the built-in graphics, to its streaming engine with Wi-FI ...

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SAM’s Quantel Rio Enhances The Look!

SAM’s Quantel Rio series has complemented the UK’s leading post production house, The Look, on the ITV prime time drama, The Halcyon! The Look has been recently “breaking-in” their brand new facility in London’s Soho and by  adding the powerful SAM’s Quantel Rio 4K color, edit, and finishing systems to their online suites and spacious grading theater, projects have never ...

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The 2017 NAB Show featuring The M.E.T Effect

The 2017 NAB Show is featuring the M.E.T Effect. If you haven’t experienced or simply haven’t noticed the ever changing landscape and the convergence of media, entertainment, and technology (your train must have been delayed somewhere down the line) then this conference will definitely be one to attend. The M.E.T Effect is the acronym for Media, Entertainment, and Technology, and ...

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2017 NAB Show Television Chairman’s Award Goes To America Ferrera!

The multi-talented actress and producer America Ferrera will be receiving the NAB Television Chairman’s Award at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino on Monday, April 24th during the NAB Show Television Luncheon. Ms. Ferrera has been recognized throughout her performance career by the Golden Globe, Emmy, and Screen Actors Guild Award. She is best known as playing the role ...

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The 2017 NAB Show and the SPROCKIT Program!

The 2017 NAB Show and SPROCKIT have teamed up once again, to promote 30 startup companies and provide them exciting opportunities in the media and entertainment industry. So SPROCKIT showcases today’s media and entertainment pioneers to the “big boy” companies, the industry giants, if you will, and they are showcased at the world’s largest media and entertainment show in the ...

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The 2017 NAB Show Opening with Jane Pauley!

The 2017 NAB Show will certainly be delivering unprecedented technology innovations, ways to deliver content, and show stopping moments that will forever mark this NAB Show as one of the best shows in recent memory! Recently announced emcee of the the 2017 NAB Show Opening on Monday, April 24th in Las Vegas will be non other than Jane Pauley! “Jane ...

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Product Spotlight: 1000 ‘ A Sound Effects’ For FREE!

So, the season of giving has certainly started off merrily with a phenomenal offer from ‘A Sounds Effects’ for one thousand community based, high quality sound effects for the tight budget video production entity or for the budding filmmaker for FREE! When we look at storage space requirements for your “free download” the total is coming in at more than ...

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Avid Technology And The Customer Community!

Avid Technology has pioneered the art and science behind media technologies that brings customer vision to reality by its powerful solutions of video and audio editing solutions. So with the inaugural ‘ACA Vote’ (Avid Customer Association)  that began last week (Dec 6th, 2016), Avid will now provide ACA members the very unique opportunity to address overall service needs and customer community ...

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Artel Video Systems Showcases Newest Product Line!

As a leading supplier of global telecom and broadcast technologies, Artel Video Systems has over 30 years of experience in advanced solutions that showcase the companies flexibility in the hard driving and quick moving media industry. The basis behind most in this industry is the need for secure IP-and fiber- based media transport, that will not compromise video resolutions and ...

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