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@Avid’s Venue “Profile System” Is a Game Changer in Live Mixing



If you’re looking for a state of the art audio mixing system that can readily adapt to any live application, Avid‘s Venue “Profile System” is the answer. The clarity, scalable I/O and dynamic performance make it the perfect mixing system for any live event. The system adapts to your specific needs at anytime with a huge variety of recording, input, and output options.

Avid Technologies, based in Massachusetts, has nine offices in North America and has been spearheading non-linear editing for more than 25 years. The company holds over 200 patents and its ongoing research and development is second to no one. Avid is the one behind so many award winning films, live concerts and shows, news broadcasts and television shows with the tools and technology that is needed to create, manage, store, distribute and monetize content. Avid has been recognized by both the television and film industries and has been the recipient of 14 Emmy Awards, a Grammy Award and 2 Academy Awards.


Avid‘s Venue Profile system is used everywhere because of its highly efficient workflows and direct plug-in support as well as simplified Pro Tools integration. In addition, the Venue system features:

  • Easy customization is due to three modular systems and a large mix is never a problem with the 24 fader Profile console. It has immediate and scalable processing power with the FOH rack and connect both mic and line-level stage sources to the Stage Rack for mixing. Get professional and sound studio quality with powerful high grade mic preamps and digital audio converters in the Stage Rack and clarity is exceptional with the console’s onboard EQ and dynamics.
  • The advanced digital technology enables you to efficiently accelerate your workflow and access channels, groups and plug-ins from the surface. You will easily be able to do a multitude of functions with a single button push, footpress switch, encoder twist or fader movement.
  • The system works in conjunction with with the DSP Mix Engine Cards so that you will gain exceptional power and headroom for onboard processing. It also has local I/O, remote control abilities and dedicated two track connections. The ten space Stage Rack is the system’s remote I/O component and you can connect up to 48 inputs and 48 outputs with a single Stage Rack. Each individual Stage Rack has the ability to expand from its base configuration of 48 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs to store a wide variety of analog and digital I/O.
  • When you install option cards, you can integrate Pro Tools recording and play back with an HDx or FWx card. You can also easily install up to five DSP Mix Engine Cards. You can also integrate in personal monitoring capabilities a personal Q System ANO A-Net card. There are so many more features, options and plug-ins available that the Venue Profile System will be the only mixing system you will ever need.

Ryan Salazar of Broadcast Beat chats with Emmy Award winning sound and music mixer Randy Faustino who uses an Avid Venue system when he produces audio for NBC‘s “The Voice.”

If you are looking for the perfect sound for that special live event, there is only one choice of professionals and that is Avid‘s Venue Profile system.


Kevin Sawyer

Kevin Sawyer

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