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Archiving Solutions at the 2017 NAB Show

At the 2017 NAB show, companies offering digital archiving solutions were prominent in the exhibits and conference program.  In the past, professional media and entertainment content was archived on film or analog videotapes. Today the options available for archive media to store digital content depend upon the preferences and existing infrastructure of digital archive facilities. According to the 2016 Media ...

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Video Dominating the Pipeline by 2021!

The next five years will certainly be eventful in the area of the global digital transformation and will bring on the highest of demands to our IP Networks (as we know them today).  According to the released results from Cisco, at the 12th Annual Visual Networking Index (VNI) which determined that the overall growth of the Internet (by a number ...

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Westlake Pro Builds World-Class Sound Stages with JMR Mac Pro RAID Rackmount Workstations

Los Angeles based Westlake Pro, an iconic award winning pro audio reseller and studio designer, has chosen and integrated JMR Electronics LightningTM ThunderboltTM certified rackmount workstations into the studio’s high-speed SAN implementations. The JMR Lightning Thunderbolt (LTNG-XQ-8-RMMP) product combines the Apple Mac Pro®, three Avid Pro Tools® | HDX cards, RAID storage, a custom I/O panel, and a fiber channel HBA that networks the ...

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The Next-Generation Sony CineAlta!

In 1999, the first CineAlta (HDW-F900) was introduced to the industry from the partnership between Sony and Panavision.  This cutting edge, first ever 24p digital cinema camera was all the rave in creating 100% digitally shot cinematic productions in big budget film making back then. Now, after several generational changes to the CineAlta line from the first RGB recording system ...

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VideoCAVE, a Mixed Reality application

Brainstorm and team up at NAB to deliver VisualMedia, an integrated solution for real-time 3D visualization of social content Brainstorm, a specialist company dedicated to providing industry-leading real-time 3D graphics and virtual set solutions and, pioneers in the Social TV space, are proud to announce VisualMedia, a jointly developed, integrated solution to create visually engaging Social TV content ...

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Cisco Launches Total Solution for Global Cable Access Networks!

The demanding needs from consumers to cable operators across the world has been broadband infrastructure that would be capable of supporting newer applications such as OTT streaming video and 5G mobile back-hauls. Now, Cisco today announced the industry’s first fully automated ‘Infinite Broadband’ remote PHY solution which enables, open, virtualized networks, for Cable Access networks! The Remote PHY (RPHY) and ...

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Unshackling Mocap: Go Wireless In Any Environment

Record, monitor and analyse movements at the touch of a button, in extreme conditions, without any hardware nearby. Motion-capture technology has become nigh indispensable in today’s video games, visual effects and film industries… and is also beginning to make big waves in extreme sport. But how can you get the most out of motion capture? Choose your costumes, props and ...

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The “deep paintings” of Warhammer 40,000K Dawn of War III

Dawn of War III returns once again to the battle-scarred frontlines of Warhammer 40,000, bringing the conflict of Space Marines, Eldar and Ork to the lost planet of Acheron. Read on to learn how Axis Animation and director Abed Abonamous took inspiration from classical paintings to build the game’s brooding expository cut scenes, revealing a world where beauty and violence ...

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A PSA with a Homegrown Touch: BC Hydro

  Public service announcements must balance simplicity with a challenging message if they’re to do their job and capture the attention of the audience at home. Finding that right mix is no easy task—but it’s one Vancouver-based animation studio The Sequence Group was equipped to deliver. Sequence was approached to create a 30-second spot for electric power company BC Hydro, ...

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5 Top Strategies for Livestreaming Success: Winning from Creation to Distribution

Submitted for the BroadcastAsia Special Edition by Cameron Jahn, CMO, AmpLive Upgrade your live video strategy by planning from beginning to end Livestreaming success boils down to 2 steps: create compelling content and make sure people see it. Content creators can now ensure livestreaming success with an effective strategy for marketing live video. Massive audiences now spend hours everyday on Facebook Live, ...

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Q&A: Brett Ineson, President of Animatrik

The president and CTO of performance capture studio Animatrik discusses work on the largest scale virtual production effort ever undertaken – Warcraft How did you first get involved in the performance capture industry? I’ve been passionate about animation since I was ten-years-old. My parents were eager to expose me to cool areas of life that they thought would interest me, ...

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Unified Storage Simplifies Use of Powerful VR 360° Video Storytelling Tools

2017 BroadcastAsia Submission by Tom McDonald, Technical Marketing Quantum  Virtual reality (VR) 360° video is creating new film, television and gaming experiences that enable audiences to control where their attention is focused. This is arguably the most significant change in the audience viewing experience since the advent of film. Changing a 100-year-old paradigm is not without technical challenges. Answering the ...

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Illumination Mac Guff Meets Growth and Performance Challenges with Avere Systems

2017 NAB Submission By Gretchen Weaver Cinema audiences have fallen in love with animated movies, resulting in high demands on film studios’ IT infrastructure and production output. When Illumination Entertainment began working on animated feature films in 2004, it produced only one animated feature film per year. For the company’s Paris-based animation studio, Illumination Mac Guff, higher audience demands meant a ...

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Roger Ailes, President of Fox News, Dies

Roger Ailes, President of Fox News, has passed. Ailes was a pioneer in broadcasting, using Rupert Murdoch’s money to create a news network which would “balance-out” what he believed to be waves of liberal news reporting with a place where conservatives could turn for media fairness. He thought the key to creating a venue that would be “heard” was by ...

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The Juggernaut Q&A: A Far Cry from VFX success

With clients like Ubisoft, Walmart, Disney and Coca-Cola, The Juggernaut enjoys global reach as a highly reputable VFX studio. Based in Toronto, the team create compelling graphics for advertising, film, broadcast, gaming, interactive events and more. We sat down for a chat with Creative Director Craig Small to find out just what makes Frankie indispensable to this roster of award-winning ...

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#NABShow 2017: Manufacturer Spotlight: Radiant Images Impresses!

The world of virtual reality production was certainly represented at this years #NABShow 2017. Radiant Images “brought to the table” the latest VR and 360 video solutions that were showcased at several booths on the convention floor, namely the AXA 360 and the Sense 9 modular camera system! These incredible looking pieces of hard working engineering vision and absolutely awesome ...

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