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Manufacturer Spotlight: Kino Flo Lighting Systems

Kino Flo Lighting Systems have been the manufacturer of high quality LED and fluorescent soft lighting equipment for over 30 years and have been a fixture in the worlds of cinema lighting, television, video, and photography. Located in Burbank, CA, Kino Flo expansion of services and operations are worldwide in which the company provides distribution support for the local studios, ...

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Product Spotlight: The Next Generation ActiveStor by Panasas

Panasas has introduced their next generation ActiveStor® scale-out NAS solution. This flexible system is capable of a scaling capacity to 57PB and delivering 360GB/s of bandwidth. The beauty is this system doubles metadata performance to cut data access time in half, as well as, scales true performance and capacity independently. “Our research shows that the commercial sector has emerged as ...

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Caringo SWARM – A Storage Platform for Production, Distribution and Collaboration at Massive Scale

  The Challenges for Immediacy The overwhelming access to on-demand media, anytime and anywhere via Internet broadband, handheld devices, streaming services, smart television and evolving IoT (Internet of things) devices has forever changed the time-to-market and monetization model for content providers, cloud OTT (over-the-top) service providers, cable companies, broadcasters, streaming media providers, carriers and the like. All companies that are ...

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Tom Cotney To Lead Imagine Communications

Tom Cotney has been appointed CEO for Imagine Communications, as Charlie Vogt will be transitioning from the day-to-day operations of Imagine to a Senior Advisory role with the Gores Group. Charlie will be focusing on strategic M&A activity specifically focused on the Technology, Media and Communications sectors. Imagine Communications are a proved industry leader in break through technologies that which include ...

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Rodeo FX Expands to Munich!

Montreal-based visual effects studio Rodeo FX has expanded its network with the opening of an office in Munich, Germany. This marks the first European studio for the company. The new facility, is located in the heart of beautiful Munich, Germany, and will certainly provide the gateway to a specialized market in the Maxvorstadt district. The new studio will be managed ...

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Caringo’s Swarm Hybrid Cloud Object Storage Platform Now Integrated with Reach Engine by Levels Beyond and Microsoft Azure

  Caringo recently announced the integration of its Swarm Hybrid Cloud Object Storage Platform with Reach Engine by Levels Beyond intelligent content platform and to Microsoft Azure. The seamless integration with Reach Engine is designed to power a new era of content creation and curation by ensuring digital assets are instantly available on-demand while securely tracking, preserving, and rapidly scaling ...

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ICS Merges with JMR Electronics to Develop New Line of Disruptive Duplication, Acquisition and Recovery Solutions

Intelligent Computer Solutions Inc. (ICS), the pioneering leader of disk drive duplication and computer forensic systems, announced this week its merger with JMR Electronics Inc. (JMR), a global leading provider of scalable data storage solutions. The merger combines ICS’s 27 years of established market dominance in developing award winning disk drive duplication and computer forensic acquisition and analysis systems with ...

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Lawo mc²56 Audio Consoles Upgrade the Zurich Opera House

The Zurich Opera House upgrades both the sound control room and auditorium space with the highly advanced Lawo IP mc²56 mixing board for the 2017-2018 opera and theater season. The new Lawo mixing boards offer 48 faders in the control room along with a 32-fader console with a 16-fader extender which is connected to the hall console and 16-fader front ...

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CoreMelt’s Black Friday Deals Aren’t Over Yet!

CoreMelt’s awesome Black Friday sale is still available through December 1st and you definitely need to take advantage of their incredible offers on motion templates! The VFXMarket section features 50% off their collections that pinpoint and feature Fashion, Technology, Real Estate, and Weddings in retro styling and illustrated pen and ink! Also, CoreMelt isn’t stopping there. Receive all CoreMelt plugins ...

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Sony Video Series: LMD Monitor Tech Tips featuring Joseph Schimizzi

Learning through the video portal is a wonderful way to expand a person’s knowledge in fully understanding complicated studies. Sony Professional has brought us a wonderful technical video series on the inner working for their own camera products and now are launching the LMD monitor series featuring Joseph Schimizzi, an engineer with Sony, who I had the pleasure of long ...

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The New ZeeVee Look!

With 10 years of consistent and reliable service, and over 2 million displays running industry proven solutions (for some high profiled clients) across nearly every vertical market on five continents, ZeeVee, Inc. is re-branding it’s identity with a new logo and website. “2017 marks an important milestone for our company,” stated Bob Michaels, CEO for ZeeVee. “ZeeVee has long been ...

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Product Spotlight: Artist DNxIP from Avid

The built in partnership of AJA and powered by Avid‘s MediaCentral, the Avid Artist | DNxIP (available Q1 2018) is the latest edition of the Avid I/O family of hardware interfaces that will provide the most comprehensive tools and workflow to the professional. This new portable interface will enable the big time broadcasters and large post houses to connect entire ...

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Product Spotlight: ATTO XstreamCORE ET8200

The highly anticipated ATTO XstreamCORE ET 8200 storage controller is now shipping. This top of rack controller enables multiple client servers to remotely access and share all SAS storage over Ethernet with a minor added latency of only 2 micro-seconds. The parallel processing capabilities of ATTO developed chipsets designed with xCORE™ Data Acceleration technology with multiple parallel I/O acceleration engines ...

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Staying on Top of Quality Control in a OTT Video Streaming World

By Dan Murray, Tektronix The need to deliver content from multiple sources to any screen as anytime has made life increasingly complex for broadcasters. Dealing with complexity of OTT/multiscreen workflows while still meeting customers expectations for an excellent, highly personalized experience is a major challenge. For many broadcasters, the move to OTT services also means making the move into cloud-based ...

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Make Once/Use Any Approach Means Perpetual Revenue Potential

by Andy Hurt, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Business Development for Wazee Digital With the amount of high-value video content being generated these days, content owners and rights holders — especially in the world of sports and live events — are sitting on a gold mine of continuous revenue. After that often irreplaceable footage gets broadcast or otherwise distributed for ...

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Growing Your Business with Help from On-Premise AI Processing

By Keith Lissak, Senior Director, Media & Entertainment Solutions Marketing, Quantum The use of artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the extraction of data intelligence — metadata — from stored digital content offers tremendous potential for the media and entertainment industry. By accelerating the discovery of interesting moments within your digital media library, AI dramatically reduces the time, work and cost ...

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