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2017 #NABShow Party List

If we don’t mention the 2017 NAB Show After-Parties, we would be leaving out a huge chunk of the fun associated with the NAB Show! Look below and click on the NAB Show party details for more information, as some are either private, by invitation only or have an admission charge. This is a running list and the most comprehensive you will find! We ...

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The Next Big Thing for Broadcasters: Hybrid Vehicles?

As the news industry evolves, local stations have to compete with online content, specialized apps, national media, and in some cases, larger stations in neighboring regions. In parallel, the costs of certain types of syndicated content have become less economic for stations to buy, while audiences look to local stations to provide content that they cannot find elsewhere. So, how ...

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Comcast, FX Test Live TV/VOD Hybrid for ‘The Bridge’

[ad_1] Broadcasting & Cable reports “Comcast confirmed that the MSO and FX just wrapped up a trial in which viewers could watch the next episode of The Bridge on VOD (paired with a regular ad load) after the current episode debuted on live TV each Wednesday night.” . [ad_2]

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Reddit app Soon to Launch on Xbox One

[ad_1] GamesIndustryBiz reports “The Xbox One will be home to a new app which enables users to keep an eye on controversial internet community Reddit, Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb has revealed.”. [ad_2]

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Perfect World Doubles Profit in Q2

[ad_1] GamesIndustryBiz reports “The Chinese online publisher Perfect World doubled its profits in the second calendar quarter after strong performance across its entire portfolio.” . [ad_2]

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Guillemot: Wii U owners Do Not Purchase “Mature” Games

[ad_1] GamesIndustryBiz reports “Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has given a controversial diagnosis on the Wii U, saying that it’s not a platform for mature games.” . [ad_2]

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GuardiCore Raises $11 Million to Protect Data Centers from Within

[ad_1] VentureBeat reports “We all know that blocking attacks from accessing data centers is not effective.” . [ad_2]

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Nuzzel presents you the Reading Lists of Top Founders and Investors

[ad_1] VentureBeat reports “Social news aggregator Nuzzel is rolling out a handful of custom news feed pages that show what founders and investors at the top venture capital firms are reading every day.” . [ad_2]

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YouTube’s Music Service Reportedly Gets a Name and a $10 a Month Price Tag

[ad_1] VentureBeat reports “Google-owned video site YouTube’s new premium music service will apparently be called “YouTube Music Key,” according to report from Android Police.”. [ad_2]

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LG to Make Most of its Phones’ Interfaces Appear like the G3

[ad_1] VentureBeat reports “LG’s G3 smartphone is this year’s surprise hit: It’s the first phone from the Korean electronics giant that can go toe-to-toe with the best of Apple and Samsung.”. [ad_2]

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Coinbase Acquires Blockchain Explorer

[ad_1] TechCrunch reports “A small consolidation wave in the Bitcoin space continues as bigger, better-funded companies scoop up teams of talented designers and engineers.”. [ad_2]

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AppNexus Raises $60 Million Round Valuing the Ad-Tech Company at $1.2 Billion

[ad_1] TechCrunch reports “Ad tech company AppNexus just announced that it has raised an additional $60 million.”. [ad_2]

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BigColors Buys GetViable to Offer More Resources to Asia-Pacific and U.S. Startups

[ad_1] TechCrunch reports “Bigcolors, a Hong Kong-based startup crowdfunding platform and venture capital firm, has acquired GetViable, which produces an array of tools for startup founders, for an undisclosed amount.”. [ad_2]

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Sympler Provides an Easy Way to Make Fun, Music-Centric Videos

[ad_1] TechCrunch reports “Co-founders Ben Jenkins and Alexander Kane swung by the TechCrunch office recently to show off Sympler, their new video app for iOS.” . [ad_2]

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Truth Allows You To Send Anonymous Texts

[ad_1] TechCrunch reports “With Whisper and Secret raising millions of dollars to build anonymous services, all kinds of apps are popping up that let you share things without attaching your identity.”. [ad_2]

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Turn Any YouTube Video into A GIF by Just Integrating “GIF” To the URL “

[ad_1] TechCrunch reports “Want to turn something on YouTube into a GIF, but don’t want to futz with downloading third-party apps or digging around for an online converter?” . [ad_2]

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