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Sympler Provides an Easy Way to Make Fun, Music-Centric Videos

[ad_1] TechCrunch reports “Co-founders Ben Jenkins and Alexander Kane swung by the TechCrunch office recently to show off Sympler, their new video app for iOS.” . [ad_2]

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Truth Allows You To Send Anonymous Texts

[ad_1] TechCrunch reports “With Whisper and Secret raising millions of dollars to build anonymous services, all kinds of apps are popping up that let you share things without attaching your identity.”. [ad_2]

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Turn Any YouTube Video into A GIF by Just Integrating “GIF” To the URL “

[ad_1] TechCrunch reports “Want to turn something on YouTube into a GIF, but don’t want to futz with downloading third-party apps or digging around for an online converter?” . [ad_2]

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Pokémon Will Eventually Come To The iPad, As a Virtual Card Game

[ad_1] TechCrunch reports “Pokémon, the game franchise that I love more than most real things in the actual world, is coming to the iPad.”. [ad_2]

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Google Acquires Jetpac to Provide Context to Visual Searches

[ad_1] TechCrunch reports “Google just acquired the team behind Jetpac, an app that utilizes public Instagram data to determine things like the happiest or drunkest city.” . [ad_2]

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Google Cloud Integrates Easy Installation of Mesosphere’s Hot Management Software

[ad_1] VentureBeat reports “Google has teamed up with Mesosphere, a startup with software for deploying applications on any and all available computing infrastructure, to set up that software on Google’s cloud by clicking just a few buttons.” . [ad_2]

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You can now use your Pebble watch to explain people you are Running Late

[ad_1] VentureBeat reports “Glympse, the service that lets you share your location with your friends through its mobile apps, has now arrived on the Pebble smartwatch.” . [ad_2]

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EA: “We haven’t always been great listeners, but we’re getting better”

[ad_1] GamesIndustryBiz reports “By his own admission, Andrew Wilson still “geeks out” at EA’s press conferences, despite his position as the company’s CEO demanding that he take centre stage.” . [ad_2]

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Snapchat is Driving Marketers Crazy

[ad_1] VentureBeat reports “Marketing directors used to ask ‘what’s the next Facebook?’; over the past few months they’ve started to plead ‘surely this isn’t it?’” . [ad_2]

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Music Video Syncing Platform Vadio Raises $2 Million and Partners with VEVO

[ad_1] TechCrunch reports “Bryce Clemmer says more people are streaming music and visiting sites like YouTube to view music videos every year.”. [ad_2]

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Facebook’s $400 Million-$500M Acquisition of Video Ad Tech Startup LiveRail Is Now Official

[ad_1] TechCrunch reports “Facebook’s acquisition of LiveRail closed today, a source told me, and Facebook confirms to me the deal is now official.” . [ad_2]

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Infor Adds Missing CRM Piece with Saleslogix Purchase

[ad_1] TechCrunch reports “Infor, an enterprise business software company, announced plans to buy Saleslogix a CRM vendor from Swiftpage, who also own Act! the customer and contact manager.”. [ad_2]

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