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Clippn Partners With Dalet Digital Media To Become More Dominant @dalettechnology @Clippn_Inc


Online stock footage platform, Clippn, has joined forces with Dalet Digital Media Systems to migrate its entire business infrastructure, as well as its distribution, to Dalet’s Dalet xN software solution. Clippn produces video clips that are ready for sale to stock video footage companies and needed a way to restructure itself due to the extremely high demand for video content across multiple screens and channels. They were looking for a way to be even faster and more efficient than they already are.

Clippn, working in conjunction with Amazon Web Services, the state of the art Dalet xN system allows Clippn to have a new cloud based infrastructure which takes full advantage of Dalet’s AmberFinn media processing platform as well as Dalet’s Galaxy media management system solution. Clippn continues to have well over 50% of the global market penetration as it continues to be a world wide leader in stock video distribution. Clippn needed an alliance with a leader such as Dalet to improve its workflow and distribution operations to handle the continuing surge in needed video production and distribution.

Dalet softwarebased solutions enable media organizations to create, manage and distribute content faster and more efficiently, fully maximizing the value of assets. Dalet products are built on three distinct platforms that, when combined, form versatile business solutions that power end-to-end workflows for news, sports, program preparation, production, archive and radio. Individually, Dalet platforms and products offer targeted applications with key capabilities to address critical media workflow functions such as ingest, QC, edit, transcode and multiplatform distribution.

Mick Reed, founder and CEO at Clippn, said that, “Getting these clips to market has traditionally been a problem. We had to streamline the complexity of the product chain from initial ingest through processing and distribution. We knew we could not achieve that with our current on-premise infrastructure, which is why we started looking at building a flexible cloud-based infrastructure and approached Dalet, who we knew as the leading Media Asset Management provider on the market.”

Flexibility and automation has been of critical importance to Clippn which is the main reason they sought out a partnership with Dalet. In addition to all of that, Clippn is now able to collect, distribute and manage its content with greater efficiency and speed than before. Clippin, with Dalet’s systems solutions, now has everything to needs to remain a dominant world leader in its industry.

Reed further stated that, “Dalet has everything we need. It is a robust platform that can handle the volume of video content that moves through our pipeline. It is also elastic so higher volumes of content don’t slow us down. We were able to create a cloud-based workflow that maximizes efficiency and actually integrates craft editing and curation, which I believe is a first.”

Kevin Sawyer

Kevin Sawyer

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