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Comprimato Launches Live Transcoder for Broadcast and Streaming


Flexible and extremely cost-effective software-based transcoding

Comprimato, the specialist in high performance software encoding and transcoding, has introduced the Live transcoder. This powerful product provides unlimited scalability, low latency and very high stream density per single software instance and is capable of processing as many as 70 full HD signals in a single third party standard 1RU server.

Systems architects today are faced with many points where multiple signals need to be transported, while retaining the highest possible quality. Carrying each individually, whether as SDI or as a standalone IP stream, is uneconomic in hardware and cabling. The Comprimato Live transcoder addresses this issue.

The software runs on any standard x64 server device with GPUs, or it can be virtualised in a data centre or the cloud. Comprimato Live uses the company’s unrivalled expertise in implementing powerful codecs as massively parallel processes in GPU, ensuring very high quality at a fraction of the cost of typical transcoding: only hundreds of dollars per stream.

Its architecture means that the Comprimato Live transcoder is completely scalable, ready for new formats like 4k, HDR or 120FPS. Codecs supported include JPEG2000 for contribution and distribution, as well as H.264, MPEG-2 and H.265 for distribution, at all bitrates to suit the application. All of this is achieved with a guaranteed end-to-end latency of no more than 400 ms.

“The modern, IP-connected world opens huge opportunities, but there remain significant bottlenecks,” said Jirˇí Matela, founder and CEO of Comprimato. “The Live transcoder eliminates one of those bottlenecks, allowing multiple signals to be transported along a single fibre, without compromise, with a great deal of control, and at an extremely cost-effective price point.

“Applications range from creating and delivering all the OTT deliverables at the point of origination to carrying multiple camera signals to a video referee,” Matela added. “Once system designers start to use the Live transcoder, they will quickly identify many, many places where it solves an otherwise challenging issue.”

As well as transcoding, the software has the ability to perform a range of video processing tasks related to the required delivery formats, including up- and down-scaling, colour component sub-sampling and de-interlacing. It can also insert logos and subtitles, and convert audio formats.

The Comprimato Live transcoder software is now available for download for proof of concept trials. It can be seen in action at IBC2017 (Amsterdam, 15 – 19 September) at Net Insight’s stand, 1.B40.