The New IT Director Versus the Old #Broadcast Engineer


Long ago, from the earliest days of media, it was recognized that there needed to be people who performed the technical workings of the studio. Aside from the inventors and photographers who tinkered with and were able to tweak cameras, the advent of radio brought the need for a true engineer who understood the inner-workings of electricity and the analog ...

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Content Creation and the 2016 NAB Show


People often don’t understand the term “content creation.”  In fact, it can be said that the entire scope of content creation is typically taken for granted; that’s because it’s much more than simply what it is you’re capturing. First and foremost, when creating content, the most important thing is the creativity; in essence, that’s everything.  Dean Evans, of The Good ...

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Neumann launches KH 805 active studio subwoofer

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 3.20.20 PM

With the KH 805, Neumann.Berlin [AES booth 527] has adding a new active subwoofer to its string of acclaimed studio monitoring products. Based on the excellent acoustical performance of the KH 810 subwoofer, the KH 805 is the optimal choice for stereo set-ups in combination with the KH 120 or KH 310. As Wolfgang Fraissinet, President of Neumann, pointed out, “The KH 805 is the answer ...

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CCW Keynote: Sony Pictures Television Chairman Steve Mosko

Steve Mosko

Thu. November 12| 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM | 1A23-1A24 Program: General Sessions Registration Package: All-Industry Core Package Keynote Speaker: Steve Mosko, Chairman, Sony Pictures Television Mosko’s conversation with Carter will take a look at the current television landscape from the perspective of Mosko, the chairman of a 360 degree global television business at one of Hollywood’s largest studios. Mosko will ...

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CCW Keynote: How Technology is Transforming the Relationships Between Brands, Content and Advertising


Thu. November 12| 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM | 1A23-1A24 Program: General Sessions Registration Package: All-Industry Core Package Keynote Speaker: Brandon Berger, Chief Digital Officer Worldwide | Ogilvy & Mather With media changing at such a rapid pace on a global level it’s essential for companies to stay ahead of the curve. Brandon Berger has been at the cutting edge ...

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Sound Devices: Ground-breaking 688 and SL-6 @IBC2015!

Sound Devices SL-6 and 688, Bag with Receivers

will feature the impressive  688 12-track portable mixer/recorder with the new SL-6 powering and wireless system at IBC2015! The pairing of these two products will certainly streamline and will give the operator the ability to control and monitor an entire audio system from one wireless location! The 688 (the newest member of the hard hitting 6-Series design family) incorporates a ...

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Scale-out 4K+ collaborative workflow – it’s here, are you ready? That knock you hear on the door could be opportunity or doom

facilis logo

 “The picture looks great,” uncle Bernie comments while perusing big screens at the appliance store, “but next week they’ll have Super UHD, then this TV is obsolete!” Those comments represent some of the most pressing problems… sorry, opportunities that face the content creation industry today. How do you acquire, post and deliver with a method that will produce content suitable ...

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Audio Networking in TV Production: Why haven’t we been using this before?

Audio Networking in TV Production

IT and broadcast convergence immediately summons visions of video and audio signals moving across the workflow and infrastructure of a TV facility. A quickly escalating number of facilities are transitioning from purely baseband distribution to audio over IP networking, efficiently routing multichannel signals between control rooms, production spaces and technical operations with a minimum of cables and connections. The value ...

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Broadcast Solutions presents the complete family of Streamline OB Vans

S4-S16 fleet front perspective

Bingen (Germany), 29 April 2015 — Broadcast Solutions GmbH presents the newly completed Streamline family of OB Vans that includes five different versions. The Streamline product family consists of pre-engineered OB Vans that come in five different versions: 4 to 16 cameras. All Streamline OBs are pre-engineered and nearly “off-the-shelf” OB Vans that can be delivered within a short period ...

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The Truth about True Peak Limiting for Audio


The True Peak measurement is now part of the delivery specification of legislation such as the CALM Act, which has brought audio front and center in the spotlight of the video world, but what does this actually mean? We’re all familiar with the idea of digital samples, digital audio, and digital peak level. But what is True-Peak? The smooth blue ...

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2.0 Adds 30,000+ Sounds, Online Access and New Subscription Features At NAB 2015, Pro Sound Effects, the next level sound library company, releases its Master Library 2.0. The 2.0 upgrade brings over 30,000 new sound effects, an online access feature, annual updates and new subscription pricing options. Now totaling 2.1 Terabytes and 175,000 sound effects, Master Library 2.0 is PSE’s ...

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Innovative Rich Media Company Selected to Participate in SPROCKIT 2015 Wahwah Networks, an innovative media company that connects premium display, audio, in-stream video, and rich media to quality brands and agencies via a unique ad platform, has reached 500 million impressions in the first six months since the US launch of its Entertainment Distribution Platform, the Wahwah Bar. The Wahwah Bar ...

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