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Mel Gibson Sweeping Best Director Awards Everywhere As Oscars Loom



Mel Gibson has been sweeping Best Director awards from all directions for his latest effort entitled Hacksaw Ridge. Gibson was recently awarded with the Best Director honor at the Capri Hollywood International Film Festival. His film has also swept nine awards at the recent Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts at the recently held show in Sydney including Best Director.

Gibson has, for the past several years, been the quintessential Hollywood outsider. This was not a choice that Gibson made for himself but, rather, was a decision made by the industry. Being on the outside looking in dates back to a 2006 drunk driving arrest as well a drunken rant in which he stated that, “The Jews are responsible for all of the wars in the world.” The devout Catholic Christian later regretted his remarks but the damage, as they say, had been done.

Mel Gibson talks with The Hollywood Reporter about the making of Hacksaw Ridge…

Many in the industry didn’t want to work with him anymore so he had to strike out on his own. He directed a small handful of movies including both Hacksaw Ridge and The Passion of The Christ. Gibson’s astonishing direction in Hacksaw Ridge only underlines the further astonishing fact that the film was made on only $40 million and shot in just 59 days. It seems that this particular film, at this particular time, just may allow Gibson back into the Hollywood mainstream where he had famously resided for many decades as an actor.

Gibson’s estrangement probably began when he released The Passion of the Christ. Film critics, and much of Hollywood‘s elite, were shocked. The critics, for the most part, hated it while the public, for the most, part loved it. While the film was extremely difficult to watch, the sheer brutality of it seemed to make the point Gibson had been trying to make from a Christian centered point of view.

His long decade of exile from Hollywood has not seemed to discourage his legion of fans. Most have stayed with him, new ones have flocked to him, and the very idea that he was on the outside made him even that much more appealing to his fan base. He has been a true Hollywood movie star for almost four decades and many of his performances, like in Braveheart and the Lethal Weapon films, remain legendary.

Leaning far to the right in a leaning far to the left world like Hollywood has its prices to pay. But, for Gibson, with this year’s Oscars looming, it just may be the year that he, and Hacksaw Ridge, return him to Tinseltown in the proverbial blaze of glory.


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