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#NABShow 2017: Product Spotlight: AEOS Compact LED’s by Rotolight!


The British LED lighting manufacturer, Rotolight, Booth C8843 (RTS Inc), has launch the first ever LED lighting innovation that is geared for professionals on the move! Whether you are a photographer or a videographer, the AEOS will be your lighting tool of choice. This “ultra thin” design of the AEOS is weighing in at under 1.5kg and is 1 cm thick, and packs a 5,750lux at 3 feet! The AEOS is designed to run for three hours at 100% power on a single 95W battery- no current model on the market can compare to the AEOS power efficiency.

IMG_4740-450x600“The one thing that we’ve always understood is that photographers, videographers and filmmakers all work with light in so many different ways. However, they’re often hindered by the size, weight or maneuverability of the light. We’ve developed the AEOS as a result of clear feedback from our customers that they wanted something powerful, but highly portable. The ease of use with AEOS allows photographers to be more creative and spend more time composing their perfect shot, rather than spending time on cumbersome lighting setups,” says Rod Gammons, Chairman of Rotolight. 

The AEOS has all the features (and then some) which makes this fixture unique. The AEOS does not use a traditional yoke. Instead it includes a professional level ball that provides for 360 degree rotation and 200 degrees of tilt when mounted to a standard lighting stand. The ball head is made from solid aluminum which supports the AEOS with battery and barn doors mounted, from any angle and/or position! The AEOS comes standard with a full set of filters, two diffusion filters, a cosmetic peach skin tone diffusion to ‘warm’ the subject, and a magenta filter, as well as AC/DC power supply and ball head.

partners_image_rotolight_59AEOS is also packed full of Rotolight’s signature industry-first, patented features including:

  • CineSFX™ provides a suite of cinematic lighting effects, such as lightning, fire and TV flicker
  • True Aperture Dimming™ calculates and displays F-stop for a subject at a given distance
  • Designer Fade™ provides custom fade up/down production effects
  • High Speed Sync Flash (HSS) provides a powerful HSS flash with zero recycle time at 200% of the maximum continuous light output for traditional photographic workflows. This feature eliminates the need for users to buy a strobe, as it provides an all-in-one solution.
  • AccuColour™ LED phosphor technology ensures the AEOS delivers exceptional colour rendering (CRI:96+) and scores in the highest category on the independently-tested Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI)

“The AEOS is exactly the light that filmmakers and gaffers have been crying out for. Integrating the handles into the actual light just adds that dimension of flexibility to it and allows users to move and manipulate the light quickly and easily in order to get that perfect shot. I can see filmmakers and photographers alike getting great use out of this new light,” says Stefan Lange, visual FX veteran known for films such as Batman, James Bond ‘Spectre’ and Tomb Raider.

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