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Job Opening: Simulation Engineer


Position: Simulation Engineer
Company: Tesla Motors
Location: Palo Alto CA US


The highly motivated individual to lead numerical simulation projects such as virtual reality. The Engineer should have a strong background in computer science and mathematics/physics, and able to understand various aspects of the project and come up with innovative solutions to build the best platform that suits the requirements. Result-oriented achiever able to deliver solid output backed by reliable testing and data.


  • Develop virtual reality tool
  • Integrate virtual reality to product solutions and marketing
  • Connect virtual reality to customer data
  • In general: be a 3D specialist who understands inputs from physics, mathematics, technology, marketing, production systems in order to deliver the best product to the customer. Be Polyvalent to add value for different kinds of simulations, propose innovative ideas.


  • Experience in 3D modelling : CAD. Experience in ray tracing or video game programming, virtual reality systems (goggles) is a big plus. Hands on programming of 3D systems.
  • Programming : C++, Python, Java
  • Knowledge about computer hardware for high performance computing. Cloud/internet programming preferred.
  • Knowledge of TensorFlow and computer vision is a plus.
  • Mathematics : minimum mastery of linear algebra, calculus, non-convex optimization. Experience in partial differential equation solving is a plus.
  • Physics : minimum mastery of optics, necessary to have general culture in physics.
  • Strong ability to solve problems, energy to try new solutions, compare different scenarios to take the best decision.
  • Experience with supercomputing systems like CUDA or MPI is strongly preferred.
  • •Bachelor’s degree is minimum, but advanced degree preferred


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