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Snell Advanced Media’s Quantel Rio Takes HDR and 4K Post Production Up A Notch @SnellAdvMedia



Quantel Rio from Snell Advanced Media is taking post production workflow to the next level with state of the art editing, color and finishing for HD, UHD, 4K and 8K projects. Quantel Pro’s realtime performance can handle any finishing workflow that digital production may throw at it.

With native colorspaces stored on disk, Quantel Rio handles Wide Color Gamut (WCG) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) grading utilizing a range of transfer curves. Its 32-bit full-fl oat processing provides the best quality results with the highest precision color reproduction output in a range of colorspaces, including REC 2020, ACES, DCI-P3 and REC 709. Quantel Rio’s comprehensive editing and finishing toolset has everything you need to deliver the entire job, whether working with native colorspace on disk, grading in HDR, or outputting multiple versions in mixed colorspaces – all from the same timeline. Quantel Rio is your complete digital partner, handling RED, ARRI, SI, Sony, Panasonic, Blackmagic and Canon digital media in a highly efficient workflow while maintaining ultimate image quality at 4K and beyond.

The features of Quantel Rio encompass everything that you will ever need:

  • There are three complete turnkey systems available for Quatel Rio: Rio 2K – ideal for TV program and commercials finishing; Rio 4K – unmatched power and capability for TV and movie finishing; Rio 8K – the world’s only realtime 8K 60p color and finishing system.
  • For those looking to build their own hardware systems, Snell has two software only solutions that will integrate smoothly within any system. First there is Quantel Rio 4K which has all the tools you will need for 4K and finishing as well as Rio Assist, the workflow solution which is a cost-effective, software-only preparation, conform and pre-vis system for file-based editorial, online finishing and color correction. Rio Assist’s toolset handles all your backroom jobs quickly and efficiently, enabling your customer-attended Quantel Rio sessions to be even more productive.
  • Simple timeline editor, Stereo 3D fixing and finishing with a 3D multi layer timeline, integrated mocha tracker with the absolute best in effects, tilting and composite tools.
  • Snell has integrated the widely used Fraunhofer DCP API into the Quantel Rio toolset. This enables the creation of standards-compliant DCP encrypted masters for delivery, and the importing of DCP fi les into the Quantel Rio environment, facilitating their use as a high quality interchange format. Working with the Fraunhofer DCP toolset within the Quantel Rio environment saves time and costs associated with exporting media to external systems. Better still, creative work can continue uninterrupted on Quantel Rio while DCP packages are being created as a background task.

Quantel Rio from Snell Advanced Media continues to be the go-to system for post production work around the world. Regardless of industry or digital production demands, Snell Advanced Media has the solutions that have been serving a multitude of industries for many years.

Kevin Sawyer

Kevin Sawyer

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