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Sony Video Series: LMD Monitor Tech Tips featuring Joseph Schimizzi


Learning through the video portal is a wonderful way to expand a person’s knowledge in fully understanding complicated studies. Sony Professional has brought us a wonderful technical video series on the inner working for their own camera products and now are launching the LMD monitor series featuring Joseph Schimizzi, an engineer with Sony, who I had the pleasure of long in-depth conversations with during his several visits to the Savannah College of Art and Design (Hey Joe!) Joseph is well diversed  in all things Sony, from gamma to gamut to pixel shift and from LMD monitors to the Sony CineAlta line.

Check Joseph in action here:

These great video sessions will be released weekly and the first two for the Fall 2017 can be viewed here or on the Sony Professional Solutions American’s YouTube page:

The Sony Tech Tips will be adding new weekly videos from now to the end of December. As Sony actively want their customers to fully understand the LMD Monitors and how they work with Sony’s CineAlta camera line. These new rounds of Tech Tips emphasis complicated technical details and provide end user results that will definitely be used the in the field, studio or sound stage. *NOTE: For the five older videos that have been available since February 2017. Check out the above Sony Professional Solutions American’s YouTube page

Joseph talking about Gamma and Dynamic Range:

Thank you Sony Professional and keep up the great work Joe! We are looking forward to more videos to come.

About Sony:

Sony provides high-definition products for digital cinematography, ENG/EFP, content creation, display and projection, video production and professional audio. Sony technologies and video cameras are used for a multitude of applications, including television programming, theater, broadcast news and event videography. Sony products are also a solid choice for rental houses and sports organizations. In addition, these technologies are widely used by professionals in segments such as house of worship, government, healthcare and education

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