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NAB Show Announces The First Ten Startups Chosen For 2017 SPROKIT Program


The National Association of Broadcasters has announced the first ten startup companies that will be participating in the 2017 SPROKIT program. Up to 30 emerging companies will be selected by industry leaders to participate based on their potential to offer real solutions to challenges in today’s evolving market. SPROCKIT is still accepting applications for participation and will be inviting companies on a ...

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Hitachi Kokusai Launches Z-HD5500 1080p Studio and EFP Camera

Z-HD5500 High Resolution 300dpi sRGB 24-bit

New model incorporates latest HITACHI CMOS imaging technology to deliver superior performance in challenging LED lighting environments Woodbury, NY, February 14, 2017 — Continuing its tradition of providing outstanding video acquisition quality across a diverse array of production environments, Hitachi Kokusai Electric America Ltd. (Hitachi Kokusai) today announced the new Z-HD5500 HDTV studio and field production camera. Featuring Hitachi Kokusai’s ...

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NAB 2017: MOBILE and the M.E.T. Effect


The ability to access all information, anywhere at anytime with just a simple touch of a button is just how powerful and convenient technology has become within the last twenty years. Slim designed phones and tablets have provided the masses with breaking news, live streamed events, and your favorite television programs whether your on a plane, train, or in bed. ...

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NAB 2017: FILMMAKING and The M.E.T. Effect


Filmmaking has evolved over the past one hundred twenty plus years with numerous art forms laying down its foundation. From the Edison Studios release of Anna Belle Serpentine Dance by filmmaker William Heise in 1895 which was mastered at 30fps from 35mm and Hand Tinted, to having it revised and even more delicately painted five years later by the Lumiere ...

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Osprey Video Poised To Showcase An Award Winning Line Up At 2017 NAB Show


Osprey Video, who was named Best in Show, at last years NAB Show, is, once again, poised to deliver an award winning line up of products that has kept it on the cutting edge for many years. Osprey, based in Texas with a European office in Switzerland, will spotlight its Talon G1 hardware encoder, and its all new G2 model, as ...

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NAB 2017 Product Showcase: JVC GY-HM200SP The All In One Sports Coverage Solution!

GY-HM200SP with Scorebot Interface

The JVC GY-HM200SP is becoming quite the popular all-inclusive camcorder for single camera sports production these days. This camcorder is designed with game coverage in mind. It is ideal for high school , colleges, and our local PEG channels. The GY-HM200SP has some interesting features that will sure to thrill from the built-in graphics, to its streaming engine with Wi-FI ...

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NAB Show LIVE 2017 Promo


Broadcast Beat is the Official Broadcaster of the 2017 NAB Show. In 2016, we received 1.3 million online viewers! Will

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Vizio Hit With A $2.2 Million FTC Settlement For Spying On People While They Watched Television


Television manufacturer Vizio recently settled a lawsuit brought on by the Federal Trade Commission for $2.2 million. The lawsuit was initiated by the FTC against Vizio and Inscape Services for spying on people while they watched television in order to gather data concerning their viewing habits. The data collection was extensive and it was sold off to third parties. In ...

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4Charity Fun Run Returns To The 2017 NAB Show With Sponsorships And Registration Still Open


Elemental Technologies has recently announced that the 4Charity Fun Run will return to the 2017 NAB Show this April in Las Vegas. Elemental Technologies, based in Portland, Oregon, has been organizing and holding the charity 4K run since 2014. According to Elemental, “Since launching in 2014, the 4K 4Charity Fun Run Series has attracted nearly 4,000 participants and raised close ...

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Panasonic Lighting Up ISE 2017 In Amsterdam With New Powerful State Of The Art Projectors


Panasonic has been lighting up the 2017 Integrated Systems Europe Show in Amsterdam. The show, one of Europe’s largest and most prestigious industry trade shows and expos, is being held in The Netherlands from February 7-10. One of the major showcases of the event is Panasonic’s announcing of two all new projectors that will soon replace the technology that is ...

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New Research Suggests 5G Capability Could Pose Serious Disruption To Cable, IPTV And Satellite


New research from the Massachusetts based Strategy Analytics firm suggests that 5G capabilities just may become a serious threat to IPTV, satellite and cable and could very well disrupt the entire broadcast industry. By 2020 or so, 5G is expected to arrive and, according to the report, “Recent demonstrations have suggested that 5G will support 1Gbps data throughput rates. Combining ...

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Hitachi Kokusai Electric Enhances Jordan State Radio And TV With New SNG Uplink Vehicle


Hitachi Kokusai Electric Turkey Systems recently announced that the country of Jordan has taken delivery on one of its state of the art satellite news gathering (SNG) uplink vehicles. The vehicle will be put into use by Jordan’s national radio and television broadcaster, Jordan Radio and Television (JRTV). The broadcaster is well known as a regional pioneer in satellite news gathering ...

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