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Tribeca Director Tapped to Lead Virtual Reality at Amazon Studios



Genna Terranova, the former Director of the Tribeca Film Festival, has been named to lead the new virtual reality initiative at Amazon Studios. Terranova left the Tribeca Film Festival this past November and moved out to Los Angeles with her family to assume her new position with Amazon Studios.

While Amazon’s virtual reality projects remain in the planning stages, Terranova is expected to take the helm ad drive Amazon to the forefront of original virtual reality content. Terranova, an Ivy league graduate from Cornell, served as the Tribeca Film Festival’s director for three years and with the festival for about seven working in different capacities. She is no stranger to LA and Hollywood as, prior to the festival directorship, she was the Vice President for Acquisitions at the Weinstein Company and was also Manager of Acquisitions for Miramax Films. In addition, she speaks Spanish fluently.

Amazon Studios in Santa Monica, California

Amazon Studios in Santa Monica, California

Amazon Studios, based in Santa Monica, California, confirmed that Terranova has come on board as of Wednesday but other details have yet to be revealed by the company. Terranova will report to Amazon’s Joe Lewis who heads the studio’s efforts in original programming for drama and comedy. Amazon, it is known, intends to begin to license virtual reality content while they get busy producing their own original virtual reality content.

The Seattle based ecommerce behemoth stated that they were looking for someone with television, gaming or film background in development as the company plans on making some aggressive moves with regard to developing their own original content. As director at the Tribeca Film Festival, Terranova took calculated risks as she brought more diverse programming to the event especially in the realm of television, immersive storytelling and, of course, virtual reality.

Amazon looks to stay abreast of their two major rivals, Hulu and Netflix, who have already jumped into the virtual reality content game with both feet.


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