1001: The Revolutionary Video-on-Demand Platform Surpasses 1 Million Unique Users in Just a Few Weeks and Introduces a Line-up of Exciting Exclusive Shows

1001, a new and innovative video-on-demand (VOD) platform in the Arabic-language entertainment space backed by Iraq’s largest media and television group – Al Sharqiya – has exceeded 1 million unique users across its various platforms within less than three weeks of its launch.

Developed with the aim of delivering diverse and engaging content to Arab audiences, 1001 includes a comprehensive library encompassing popular TV series and exclusive regional content designed to cater to the distinctive preferences and interests of its viewers. A major highlight of 1001 is its roster of ‘1001 Originals’ shows, which includes productions such as Raid, New Baghdad, Silencer, Princess’ Street, and Crazy Sarah.

1001 has seen a particularly strong reception in Iraq, where its tailored content and language options have resonated with the Iraqi audience. The platform is available in Arabic and English worldwide, with a special emphasis on catering to viewers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, North America, and Europe. The global availability ensures that 1001’s content can be enjoyed by its international user base.

The platform is accessible via web, Android, and iOS devices, ensuring maximum reach to a broad range of audiences.

Speaking about the success of the platform, William Page, Chief Strategy Officer of 1001, said: “The overwhelming response we have received in such a brief time span is a testament to our commitment to understanding and addressing the diverse tastes of our audience. Our team at 1001 is dedicated to continuously enhancing our platform and enriching our content library, guaranteeing that we remain the first choice for viewers seeking the ultimate VOD experience.”

Page continues, “As we look to the future, we are excited about our innovative plans to revolutionize the way people consume content, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of streaming entertainment.”

To explore 1001’s extensive library, featuring the captivating 1001 Exclusive shows, and to stay informed about new content releases, visit the official website at or explore 1001’s social media pages on FacebookInstagramYouTube and  Twitter.

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About 1001
1001 is an innovative video-on-demand platform tailored to the unique entertainment needs of the Middle East audience. Launched in 2023, 1001 delivers a diverse array of high-quality content, including popular TV series, and exclusive regional productions, such as the highly acclaimed ‘1001 Originals’ shows. Within just a few weeks of launch 1001 has already reached over 1 million unique users. The platform’s intuitive interface, uninterrupted streaming experience, and unwavering commitment to providing the finest entertainment options make it the top choice for viewers in the Middle East.

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