Core SWX Proves to be Perfect Power Source for High-Energy, Globetrotting Productions

MONACO, JUNE 14, 2017 – Jon Olsson, a professional skier and content creator, is using Core SWX and its range of power solutions to capture high quality vlogs and ski movies. As a leader in battery and charging solutions, Core SWX’s Hypercore Slim 7 RED and Hypercore 98 RED help power Olsson’s RED EPIC-W camera, which he uses for vlog production.

Olsson, who holds nine Winter X-Games medals and competes in a variety of events around the world, continuously shares his life through social media, documenting his day-to-day adventures through YouTube vlogs. Over the last year, he upped his game with both new equipment and increased production frequency. “I started vlogging back in 2007, but just over one year ago I got more serious and decided to make 365 vlogs in 365 days, trying to make the highest quality vlogs on the web using a RED camera and other cameras,” says Olsson, a native of Mora, Sweden, who resides in Monaco when not traveling.

About six months ago, the project received its first RED camera and part of this equipment upgrade was the addition of multiple Core SWX Hypercore Slim 7 RED batteries, Hypercore 98 RED units, and Core SWX chargers that Olsson describes as ‘super-fast.’

Since his RED camera acquisition, the camera and batteries have been used every day all over the globe and often in locations where having lightweight, reliable equipment is required. “When you have to snowmobile to a location for two hours, and then shoot in the snow for six hours, having the lightest but most powerful set-up is key,” says Olsson. “If I ran out of energy before the camera, that means the Hypercore Slim 7 RED and the Hypercore 98 RED units did a very good job.”

Both the Hypercore Slim 7 and the Hypercore 98 battery packs fall within the range of accepted capacity for air travel, which is a feature that impressed Olsson. Because he travels by airplane weekly with a full RED set up, Olsson anticipated this to be a challenge, but he has not once had a problem when flying.

The durable 82wh battery pack is designed to power RED cameras and like its big brother the 98 RED, it communicates directly with the camera to deliver the exact percentage of remaining capacity to the camera’s viewfinder and a large LCD on the battery. This feature is particularly helpful for Olsson: “Beyond the power and small size, one of the best features is just how clear and easy it is to see how much power is remaining.”

Weighing just 1.4 lbs. and measuring just 3.8 inches x 5.87 inches x 1.49 inches, the Hypercore SLIM series was developed to provide the best in Lithium Ion technology for UAV, handheld gimbal and other applications demanding a low-profile battery pack. Although small, the Hypercore Slim series is the first line of slim battery packs capable of handling the high draw loads required when using cameras such as the RED.

Measuring in at 3.8 inches x 5.87 inches x 2.44 inches and weighing only two pounds, the Hypercore 98 RED is a high capacity 98wh Lithium Ion battery pack with similar features to the SLIM series. Both units also feature an over-molded rubberized housing for toughness and good grip in challenging conditions, and a P-Tap power connection that allows other devices to charge from the battery.

All products in the Hypercore series are also outfitted with an accelerometer to detect motion. This causes the battery packs to hibernate when there is no usage or movement after a 48-hour period. Once the battery is back in use, or detects the slightest movement, it awakens at its maximum capacity.

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