1080i Dominates Video Acquisition Formats

1080i is the most commonly used video format to shoot on among broadcast and digital video facilities according to SCRI’s new 2013 Digital Media Production Trends Report. The report polled hundreds of digital video users across a wide range of vertical markets sourced from a wide variety of sources, including the ProAV Buyers Guide, Post Production Buyers Guide, Broadcast Equipment Buyers Guide, as well as SCRI proprietary lists.  Overall, about seven out of ten (69.9%) of all facilities report using 1080i for acquisition. 720p ranks a relatively distant 2nd with 48.1% using; followed closely by 3G/1080p (47%).

SD-SDI (32.2%) round out the top five video formats. 4K makes an entrance in 6th place with just under one in three facilities using. 3D trails with 12.6%, followed by IP (8.7%) and 8K (3.3%).

When tracking which video formats users shoot on most often, 1080i again ranks first but 3G/1080p moves ahead of 720p, followed by 4K, SD/SDI and way back 8K.

The 2013 Digital Media Production Trends Report presents the survey findings on a host of key technology trends as well brand and model shares in key product types – view table of contents here

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