11 Dollar Bill Transports JD Sports Partner Ty Dolla $ign into an AI World

CHICAGO, BOULDER and RALEIGH—11 Dollar Bill placed rapper Ty Dolla $ign into an environment of AI-generated architecture in a new branded video for JD Sports and Adidas. The studio used state-of-the-art AI imaging software to create a series of quickly evolving geometric shapes that take the form of the Eiffel Tower, Tokyo Tower and other famous landmarks. The trippy structures bounce and twist to the same urban rhythms as the rap star.

CCO Christian Robins says 11 Dollar Bill has been exploring ways of using AI image generators in tandem with traditional design, animation and editorial tools, and was waiting for the right project to try it out with video. “JD Sports is open to experimental creative,” he notes. “They love to push the envelope and create visually stunning content that can be applied across all channels. We were thrilled to work with their creative and production teams in this new and experimental hybrid approach.”

JD Sports Sr. Brand Creative Director Jeremie Dunning was impressed with the studio’s novel use of AI. “11 Dollar Bill has been an incredible partner on this project,” he observes. “The team leads the industry with their collaborative approach to experiment with new technologies and explore unconventional creative territory.”

The project began with a conventional video shoot on a stage. “We set up simple objects—six-foot tall cylinders, spheres and pyramids—for Ty Dolla $ign to react to,” Robins explains. “In post, we were able to pull those shapes into the AI software and start experimenting from there.”

Robins manipulated the shapes by entering simple textual commands into the AI software. Instantly, a pyramid would transform into the Eiffel Tower. “We were able to quickly dial in different visual looks and explore options,” he says. “We took those bits and pieces and added them to our edit to create something akin to a short-format music video with a custom audio track.”

While it sounds groundbreaking, Robins sees the AI model and not very different from the way artists have been manipulating imagery for decades. “It’s really just another means of using our skills to create things that are beautiful, engaging and unexpected,” he says. “We embraced it and so did our client, JD Sports.”

AI-assisted creative tools are still in their infancy. Robins is excited to see what’s coming next. “It opens many doors,” he insists. “It’s another powerful tool to our kit.”

About 11 Dollar Bill

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