@FLUOTEC launches its commercial arm for USA and Canada, Fluotec Global, based in Texas

@FLUOTEC launches its commercial arm for USA and Canada, Fluotec Global, based in Texas

An innovative and creative alliance destined to conquer new markets in the vital media industries of the USA and Canada.

We are pleased to announce our partnership between FLUOTEC and VIDEOSERVICES Pauline & Alberto Garcia

In this alliance, we have agreed to an exclusive distribution agreement for the markets of the North American compact agreement with the USA and CANADA

Its Directors and Technical Staff will be present from April 15 to 19 at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, NV, USA, where they will present the new catalog of lighting solutions for broadcast, film, and TV

We will display award-winning luminaires, the workhorses of professional lighting for Television & Cinema

  • The new Vegalux 300 HP, an impressive, motorized variable zoom 8” Micro Prism Fresnel lens
    Tunable Bicolor DMX with Yoke Mount
  • The Vegalux UHP 7” Ultra high-performance motorized variable zooms with glass Fresnel lens in dedicated Tungsten & Daylight color temperatures DMX with Yoke Mount
  • The Vegalux HP 7” High-performance motorized variable zooms with plastic lens Fresnels in dedicated Tungsten & Daylight color temperatures DMX with Yoke Mount
  • The Auralux 100™ 5.5” manual variable zooms Plastic Lens Tungsten StudioLED Fresnel with Yoke Mount

In addition, for this event, we will make the exclusive presentation, at an international level, of the new RGBWW LED panel luminaires with the remote wireless operation, pass-through power, and DMX connectors with 50% more power of pure white light and millions of colors

  • C240 Cinelight Color 240 Panel 4×2.’
  • C120Q Cinelight Color 120 Quad 2×2.’
  • C120 Cinelight Color 120 4×1.’
  • C60 Cinelight Color 60 2×1.’
  • C30 Cinelight battery operation lines Color 30 1×1.’

April 15-19 is the time to raise together with our clients a new vision of service and business, and what better event than the @NABShow in Las Vegas

The NAB show is “the space” for a business competition where the best-emerging technologies that shape the future come together.

And where the best professionals in television, new media, and cinema will be able to glimpse how to use these technologies to improve.

The world center for the media and entertainment industry! That is the #NABShow!

Over 100,000 industry professionals come from around the world year after year to see the latest tools, learn and connect.

And if you are coming from outside the USA, look up your country’s chapter to access the best resources for international attendees.

As the international representative of the NAB Exhibitors Advisory Committee, I will be delighted to help you.

Today we have a new vision for the future and the @NABShow, in addition to celebrating one hundred years of @NAB. We are promoting the best cutting-edge media technologies to improve your daily life.

I also invite you to learn about our company’s new Hollywood-Style lighting and production solutions in this new alliance at our Stand: C8120.

? You cannot miss it. We will be together with the best leaders in the industry, such as Sony and B&H

We invite you to attend FREE with the following link

Thanks for reading; I will gladly greet you in Las Vegas!


FLUOTEC GTM is a leader in designing, engineering, and manufacturing LED and professional lighting fixtures for television, film, video, and photography studios.


It is the new commercial partnership for the North American market of LED luminaires and professionals for television, film, video, and photography studios.

Due to its high color temperature score, color, product quality, service and guarantees, energy efficiency, and price, Fluotec Global is the best option for new investments and integration of studios and production companies.

Contact us to make an appointment at NAB Show 2023 /

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