Bitcentral Inc. is announcing “ViewNexa by Bitcentral”

Bitcentral’s ViewNexa streaming platform empowers media companies and content owners to disrupt the status quo by delivering mass reach and monetization via a single partner.

Bitcentral Inc. is announcing “ViewNexa by Bitcentral”.  ViewNexa is acomplete and simple solution for the modern video business that delivers video management, distribution, and monetization all without the overhead of multiple platforms. It empowers content owners to capitalize on the growing revenue opportunities of streaming and connects with audiences wherever they’re watching.

ViewNexa provides a single unified workflow that simplifies video management and provides what ViewNexa calls a  “manage once, distribute many solution.” It provides a content management system (CMS) for importing and organizing video, from video on demand (VOD) to live and free ad-supported TV (FAST) channels. ViewNexabreaks the mold of complex, multi-vendor video workflows and empowers customers to build new, impactful business strategies based on diversifying audiences and revenues – all from a single, cost-effective, and time-efficient partner.

The launch is timely, with the North American Internet TV market set to reach $107 billion in 2028, up from $49 billion in 2020, according to Digital TV Research. Subscription video on demand (SVOD) will create the most revenue, while ad-supported services will drive the majority of growth. Faced with an increasingly competitive marketplace, content owners need to support both approaches if they are to succeed. Usually, this requires separate workflows with multiple vendors and dedicated teams to support the hundreds of devices, or endpoints, that are available today.

ViewNexa customers benefit from managing their entire video strategy via a single trusted partner, which improves efficiency and nullifies the “vendor fatigue” usually associated with having a myriad of partners supporting multiple workflows and endpoints. It also provides a single source of measurement, which empowers content owners to experiment with different monetization models and find the best performing combination for their specific audience to maximize profitability.

A few key ViewNexa products include:

ViewNexa FAST: Seamlessly ingest live and VOD content to create new, automated live channels with server-side ad insertion (SSAI). Hundreds of endpoints are supported to grow audiences, including Amazon, TCL, LocalNow, NewsON, and Plex.

ViewNexa Live: Delivers broadcast-quality live streams on all devices. Features include: “break to live” from on-demand viewing, seamless VOD–Live–VOD for mixing on-demand and live content, Live to VOD replay, and server-side ad insertion (SSAI) for monetization.

ViewNexa Apps: Best-of-breed native applications for connected TV (CTV), SmartTV, web, and mobile devices. Apps allow customers to publish once and update their entire suite of web, CTV, and mobile apps simultaneously,while providing viewer engagement features such as Live Chat & Watch Party and in-app monetization.

ViewNexa is operated by Bitcentral’s Streaming Media Group (SMG) and has been developed from the company’s award winning FUEL+Powr platform. SMG works from a digital first mindset, engaging the fast-moving streaming marketplace with solutions grounded in years of media technical knowhow.

“I speak to media companies and content owners daily who tell me they need to have their content in a variety of digital locations, but it’s very difficult to manage with the current tools and solutions offered,” said Greg Morrow, General Manager, Streaming Media Group at Bitcentral. “ViewNexa is really the culmination of our vision to put digital at the forefront and enable media businesses to move fast in this rapidly evolving industry landscape. There is no better way to efficiently scale across a very large number of digital channels and business models with minimal operational costs and a simplified single vendor solution. ViewNexa ensures they stay ahead of the curve, without the pain usually associated with start-ups and multi-vendor strategies.”

Bitcentral is determined to move the video industry forward by helping our customers find and monetize audiences for the incredible content they produce,” said Steve Petilli, CEO, Bitcentral. “The industry is rapidly changing, and content creators come in all forms. Video is everywhere. Whichever industry you’re in, ViewNexa empowers you to connect with, and monetize, your audience, wherever they are.”

 Bitcentral is showcasing ViewNexa at the NAB Show, Las Vegas, April 16-19, Booth #W2811


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