The 2014 #NABShow – Day One

TODAY is the FIRST day of The 2014 NAB Show – and I’ve NEVER been so pumped!  The doors are about to open (I’m about 10 minutes away from that event) and so I thought I’d share with you a little video I made yesterday – before ANYONE hit the Show Floor!  Check it out:

 Here we all are waiting and registering outside… only a few more minutes, now!!!

Before 2014 NAB Show

The doors are about to open – and I can’t stand it!  So much to see… so many places to go… I wonder where I’ll go FIRST???

 …and awaaaay we go!!!

Here I am with Kate Cooley – She’s my Media Production Manager and D.I.T. – Can you guess where we are at the Show?  LOL

Inside NAB 040714

Nic has microphone in hand and is ready to start shooting those spots!  Hey Nic!  Save some of that enthusiasm for the shoot! 🙂

Nic on the spot 040714

 Here we are getting ready for this mornings #NABShowlive! #nabshow #nabshow2014 #broadcastbeat #broadcastbeatmagazine

Nic & Ryan 040714 AM

Ryan is getting his last second touch ups and we will be rolling shooting the #nabshowlive #nabshow2014 #nabshow #broadcastbeat #broadcastbeatmagazine – Ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille!  LOL

Make-up before first shoot 040714

We just got a sneak peek inside the #integrasv Mobile Cinema! This thing is incredible!  IntegraSV is a global leader and custom manufacturer of specialty vehicles with over 34 years of experience in tour management and brand activations.  From their 130,000 square foot factory, state-of-the-art vehicles are customized to their client’s specifications, whether completely finished or a ready to finish shell.  Not only that, but they also keep a fleet of 23-patented CineTransformer mobile cinema units that seat up to 91 people, and customized mobile showrooms to fit every client’s need.  Here’s a pic of the inside:

integrasv Mobile Cinema 040714

Here’s them building one in their factory:

IntegraSV Factory

What did I tell you about he Patriots Jet Team being here at NAB Show???  As I said, this team has the only civilian jet air show in the U.S.!  Some of the pilots include: Randy “Howler” Howell, Dean ‘Wilbur’ Wright, & Robert ‘Scratch’ Mitchell.  Here’s one of their planes RIGHT in the NAB Show Parking Lot!!!  WOW!!!  Check-out their planned exhibition schedule at:

Patriot Jets 040714

 Hey! It’s Debra Kaufman on the Panasonic “4K in Film” Panel!  Hi Debra!!!  LOL  Hope everyone saw it!!!

Debra kaufman on the Panasonic 4K in Film Panel 040714

 Here I am talking to J. L. Fisher about their dollies!  Conveniently located in Burbank, California, J. L. Fisher provides booms and bases, dollies peds and heads, and jib arms and crossarms to the television studio and motion picture industry.  Check them out at:

Ryan at JLFisher Camera Dollies 040714

HEY!  Nobody pushes the Founder of Broadcast Beat around!!!  (Huh… I guess they Do!!!)  🙂

Ryan on a J L Fisher Dolly 040714

Don’t miss a moment of your live action, strapped with the new #gopro #juniotchesty wearable camera you can capture it all! #nabshow #nabshow2014  – GoPro has been a personal favorite of mine for some time now.  They are the first thing I think about whenever I see one of those “in-motion” sports shots, where they’re wearing the camera!!!  I would imagine that this little guy (below) has his share of thrills and spills, too!  🙂  See more here:

GoPro Camera 040714 

 #gopro shows-off their newest dual 3D system! #nabshow #nabshow2014 – did I mention that I really LOVE these folks???  Smaller… lighter… MIGHTIER!!!  The new Hero 3+ is one of the most incredible camera products on the market – and available at the right price to consumers, too!  How cool is that?

GoPro New 3D system 040714

A little action going on at the #atomos booth, but don’t let the body paint distract you from checking out their awesome production equipment.  The new SHOGUN – A new 4K warrior!  4K under 2K is this hot product’s number!  A 7″ 1920 x 1200 SuperAtom with Calibratable IPS – 4K AppleProRes, RAW, or 4K HDMI – 12G-SDI single or dual RAIDed HDD and SDD! Not sure which beauty to keep my eyes on!  LOL

Atomos Booth 040714Atomos Prod Camera 040714










The awesome guys at #defy have shown us and we’re excited to share their new G5 #gimbal camera.   With its lightweight carbon fiber tubes, its not a stretch to even wonder if you’re holding anything at all!  Well, that’s what it seems like, anyway! With easy-to-adjust thumb screws (rather than hex bolts), this camera stabilizer can hold a camera up to 6 pounds, has 3 modes of operation: Slow Pan, Fast Pan, Accessory Control, 2 Batteries with charging station (for up to 120-180 minutes of constant run time) and even Technical Support via phone / email!  It’s truly slick!!!   See more at:

Defy G5 gimbal camera 040714

Did you think that I was going to forget about the remote control cameras I saw some of at last year’s NAB Show?  Well, if you did, you thought WRONG!  The Phantom 2 Vision Plus has got to be one of the coolest!  You’ve GOT to see it in action!!!  Click on the video (below) and try to tell me that this isn’t the coolest remote control camera you’ve seen!!!  The guys at #djigave us a chance to catch the Phantom 2 Vision Plus in action! This awesome areal aircraft allows you to capture video from above, all while controlling by your iPhone!  See more here: DJI QuadCopter Info  

DJI Phantom 2 Plus 040714

With all this action and activity, I think I’ll take a break and go to the beach!  Ah, slacking off on the beach!  Shouldn’t you be at?! Just kidding… we are getting the inside scoop on the new goodies from #hitachi like this SK-HD1200 HDTV camera system!  The SK-HD1200 is a portable, hand-held studio camera, boasting 50Hz or 60Hz AC line power and both analog and digital signals. In addition, they are multi-format systems that are able to output dual formats (SD and HD) simultaneously.   They are one of the “greenest” and most power efficient (22W camera head power consumption) cameras on the market.  See more HERE!

Hitachi SK-HD1200 HDTV camera system 040714

We just got a look at some of some of the all in one programming systems #Sony. Check out the ASW-750.  Making live production available to anyone who requires live broadcasting or webcasting, the AWS-750 Anycast Touch is a compact, affordable, all-in-one live production solution with an intuitive touch panel operation.  This device includes a video switcher, encoder, recorder, audio mixer, titler and remote camera controller – everything you need!  Forget about any of the hardware usually needed for professional live streaming – it’s all inclusive!  Record up to four hours of video and audio on the internal HDD, and you’re off and running!  Graphics… remote BRC camera control, perform multiple effects and then stream it over the internet!  A true all-in-one!  TRULY!  Check it out at the Sony website HERE.

Sony ASW-750 040714

Behold… the SPROCKIT Wall!  (Or is it the “Wall of SPROCKIT?)  YOU decide!  Either way, it’s awesome to look at – and consider all the disruptive technology that’s going to try to put the studio industry out of sorts!  SPROCKIT is showcasing 27 market-ready companies that are given a five-minute slot to showcase their company and product.  After the show, there is a potential investor Q & A session.  Seeking-out the newest of the new and innovative companies that might otherwise have to burn time and resources just to get attention, SPROCKIT brings their cutting-edge ideas and tech into the premier media industry trade show, the NAB, helping free-up these companies’ resources to focus on what they do best – innovate and create.  The SPROCKIT program is an innovation to help the innovators.

Sprockit Wall 040714

Check this thing out! Fully equip it with a #cineflex elite stabilized camera system!  General Dynamics’ design engineers and cinematographers present the Cineflex ELITE gyro-stabilized camera system – a compact, light-weight Super 35 format digital production camera system that integrates the proven 5-axis stability of the Cineflex camera systems with state of the art Canon Premier® lenses and the award winning ARRI Alexa® camera, to take Super 35 format digital production to new places.  Click HERE for more information!

cineflex Buggy 040714

Making a quick stop by #JVC we checked out their ProHD field and studio monitors!  The DT-X91 series has all of the functions you need in a monitor.  A multitude of monitors are on parade on their website.  See the entire product line by clicking HERE.

JVC Booth 040714JVC DT-X91 ProHD Series Monitors 040714










Here I am getting a little silly shooting the #nabshowlive!  Hey – a guy’s gotta eat, doesn’t he???  And when Ryan eats, EVERYBODY EATS!!!  LOL

Pizza Boy Ryan 040714

Roboshot cameras from #vaddio. Featuring imaging censors by #sony, these nifty little cameras offer super smooth robotic movement topping the traditional jerky movements, these #robotshots pan, tilt and zoom am in one movement.  Of course, the more interesting element in the photo was the guy with the mutton-chop sideburns in the morning-vested tuxedo!  (OK… so they weren’t mutton-chop sideburns… but THAT would have REALLY made the scene, wouldn’t it!)  Learn more about the PowerVIEW series of cameras HERE.

Vaddio Robotic Cameras 040714

Nikon was out in full-force at the Show today – check-out the great variety of camera rigs they brought out with them! A whole-lot-of-shootin’-power-there, partner!  Nikon does NOT disappoint – with the professional quality you’ve come to expect from an optical company that’s been around since 1917!  The latest digital image-processing and network technologies go into each Nikon Professional Video Product, so the shot is always clean and crisp.  Take it from Nikon!  See more at:

Nikon Cameras 040714

Marshall Electronics had a great variety of camera top monitors they were showing-off!  From 5 1/2-to-7-to-9 inch, Marshall has the monitor for you!  Their high-resolution camera-top monitors are loaded with the features – New Icon driven Menu System, Waveform Display with dual Audio Bars, Headphone output, Variable Pixel-to-Pixel function plus Marshall’s industry leading PEAKING Filter now in four colors for easier focus assist… only the start!  Add to all that the ease of use and the multiple DSLR presets, six User Presets, Adjustable IRE Clip Guide, and Backlight control – you’ll realize you’ve got Marshall quality before you! See MORE of what Marshall has to offer HERE!

Marshall Electronics 040714

Well, the show is just minutes away from being over, and I’ve had a FANTASTIC time!  From shooting all day with the NABShow LIVE! Crew, to my up-to-the-minute live blogging, I think it’s time I call it a day for NAB.  I don’t know about you, but it’s time to relax, wind-down, and hit the PARTIES!!!  I hope you’ve checked-out my constantly updated NAB Show Party List, and I also hope to see you at some of the events tonight!  For now, this is Ryan Salazar – glad that you stayed blogged-in!

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