The 2014 #NABShow #MMC – Day Four

Here it is – after ALL this time!  The END of the 2014 NAB Show… I’m going to try to make this last day count, so hopefully, I’ll be able to see some of the last minute products I have been unable to see in my fast-paced schedule!  Not sure where I’m going to be at the moment, just getting into the Show…

 My first foray at the show today was spending some time at the Road2NABShow Program, live from the “New Media” Lounge at NAB Show!

Ryan relaxes on Road2NABShow 041014

…and here is me and some of the Road2NABShow crew just kicking-back and chatting about things… and stuff… and things…

Ryan on Road2NABShow 041014

From there, we stopped at a few places and checked-out a few products… at the Fairlight Booth, they unveiled their CC-2 – their second-generation digital audio engine that delivers unsurpassed track-counts, and has full-time processing power that supports immersive surround formats beyond 22.2 all on a single PCIe card!  The CC-2 is a quantum leap in processing power, and is based on their Crystal Core Technology, which powers their entire range of high-speed digital audio mixing, recording and editing systems.  For more information, click HERE.

Fairlight Booth 041014

At the Elemental Booth, they showcased the components of their video processing platform, giving new functionality to their software-based solutions.  Full frame 4K Ultra HD HEVC encoding, an end-to-end live video processing workflow, and video processing in the Cloud were among the technical improvements they demonstrated.  Elemental Technologies products provide the flexibility, scalability and performance required to deliver high quality and is the leading supplier of software-defined video solutions for multiscreen content delivery.  See more about their solutions HERE.

Elemental Booth 041014

Nic Rios was able to take-up a few minutes of Myers Intelligent Broadcast Workflow President Christ Myers, who told him all about their PROtrack software.  There are two powerful suites, ProTrackTV and ProTrack Radio, that can handle managing, scheduling, and the distribution of broadcast content.  The highly-scalable ProTrack optimizes workflows and enhances organizational transparency across all key departments: Programming, Scheduing, Sales, Traffic, IT, Engineering, Accounting and Management, making it ideal for Public, Education, Government, Faith-Based, Community, Corporate and Commercial broadcast environments.  Check it our on their website HERE.

Nic and Myers President, Christ Myers 041014

Sencore’s MPEG Analysis Platform MAP 1870 is the must-have tool for the design, verification, manufacturing, and deployment of digital TV equipment and systems.  Enabling extremely fast diagnostics and fault isolation, it is the ideal solution for everyone in the broadcasting business – including telecommunications operators deploying Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) and mobile TV applications, for cable/satellite/ terrestrial operators, broadcasters developing interactive TV businesses, for DTV equipment designers, and for manufacturers.  o many features and functions – see them all on their website HERE.

Cool! Sencore MAP (MPEG Analysis Platform) 1870 041014

 At ScheduALL, they solve multifaceted scheduling needs for the media, broadcast and transmission industries by providing Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) software for smart workflow, asset management, powerful business reporting, complete connectivity and easy access to the entire management system.    They will show you what you’re missing in the way of scheduling and open your eyes to possibilities you haven’t even considered! Let them help you make genius possible.  Visit their website for more information!

ScheduALL Booth 041014

The Volicon Booth displayed their Media Intelligence Platform suite of applications allows you to communicate with anyone, anywhere, anytime (with a web based interface) and gives you the power to create and distribute high-quality content faster while enabling you to immediately respond to the competition, your advertisers and even regulatory entities!  Most importantly, it provides the ability to present a better viewing experience to the audience, who WILL notice the difference!  Notice the difference yourself by visiting there website HERE.

Volicon Booth 041014

 TVU has an exciting product in its video transmitter backpack that gives broadcasters satellite and microwave TV truck functionality in a lightweight, portable and untethered form.  As you’ll recall, I wrote about backpack studios in a recent article on Broadcast Beat Magazine!  After seeing this marvelous device, we had to check it out a few more times!  For some reason, we kept coming back to the booth – it was THAT amazing!  For example, the TVUPack TM8200 (pictured, right) transmits video through multiple independent 3G/4G/LTE, WiFi, WiMax, BGAN, Ka Band/Ku Band satellite and microwave connections to ensure superior picture quality.  It IS the world’s smallest, lightest and most powerful mobile wireless uplink solution available in a backpack!  See if you’re in as much love as we are, by seeing more on TVU’s website by clicking HERE

TVU Booth 041014TVU Devices 041014










Contemporary Research designs and builds solutions for an HDTV world… from purpose-built HD media to digital signage, and HD-SDI HDTV modulators to RF distribution components, the CR family of innovations includes cutting-edge HDTV tuners, QMOD HDTV Modulators, Display Express Control Systems, and classroom integration solutions.  Take the QMOD SD12 Dual SDI HDTV Modulator (below, right), an HD modulator-IPTV encoder that allows the creation of an in-house HDTV cable system over existing RF, converting HD satellite/cable receivers, digital signage players, and live HD-SDI video sources to an HD open-access digital cable channel (IP).  I had the pleasure of speaking with the Founder and President of CR, Scott Hetzler (shown below, left, on the left), who really laid-out the whats and the hows of his remarkable product line.  Take my word for it – AND see it for yourself by clicking HERE.

Contemporary Research Scott Hetzler & Ryan 041014Contemporary Research QMOD Device 041014










Here’s Associate Editor Debra Kaufman, speaking to Jeff Wood, Vice President of Worldwide Product Management for HP’s Commercial Solutions Business Unit on Wednesday, April 9, 2014 on Teradek‘s Live @ NAB Show:

Here’s Associate Editor Debra Kaufman, speaking to Sony Colorworks Digital Colorist Scott Ostrowsky, Sony Colorworks Director of Post Production Technologies Mike Whipple, and Curtis Clark, ASC, cinematographer on Wednesday, April 9, 2014 on Teradek‘s Live @ NAB Show:

Did I mention that Debra and myself hung-out together at one of the parties? She is SO WONDERFUL and a JOY to work with!

Ryan and Debra 040914

Here’s the Central Hall Concourse – we put a few miles over this carpet ourselves, just racing through the Show!!!

Central Hall Concourse 041014

One of my favorite shots – from the Central Hall Balcony overlooking the NAB Store, and the NAB Store on it’s same level…

Central Hall & NAB Store 041014NABShow Store 041014










vMix offers a fantastic product – 4k Live Production, Streaming and Mixing on your PC – there are so many options and features, plus they even offer a free version on their website for download!  They even offer Complete Live Production systems running vMix from some of their resellers!  I was able to use some of their premium versions, and was I spoiled!  I do want to download the free version and see what kind of versatility it has, though!  For full specifications, visit their website HERE.

vMix4K Booth 041014

WOW!  Am I BEAT!!! (BROADCAST BEAT, that is!) Now that it’s over, I think I’ll just curl-up and NAB me a little NAB Nap…

Ryan Tuckered out 040914

And now, the Show is officially over… The 2014 NAB Show has closed.  On behalf of Broadcast Beat Magazine, I’d like to personally thank the following people:

Teri and Curtis 040914Pamela Thompson and daughter Kierney Thompson 041014










Teri Rivas and Curtis Kitchen in the above photo, and Pamela Thompson and daughter Kearney Thompson in the right photo!

 JJ and Debra Kaufman 041014


The 2014 NAB show Broadcast Beat Team








Broadcast Beat Associate Editor Debra Kaufman & Associate Producer Joshua “JJ” Quesada  in the above photo, and our entire 2014 NAB Show Crew, in the photo, right. No pic of Producer, Jeff Martin, of the 13Keys, but a LOAD of thanks to him, too!  🙂  And below, check-out the Penthouse at the LVH, where a lot of us partied last night (April 9th):






It was totally unbelievable!!! 

There’s some more people I need to thank – our writer, Matt Harchick, who was at the Show but didn’t stand still long enough for me to get a picture of him!  And Carmen Lake – who wasn’t at the Show, but is indispensable to the Broadcast Beat cause!

Daniel & Ryan Leaving Las Vegas 041014

 And, finally, a picture of Daniel and myself “Leaving Las Vegas” at the end of another SPECTACULAR NAB Show!

Our final act – eating at the Lemongrass Thai Restaurant at the Aria Resort and Casino – of course, in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Aria in Las Vegas 041014ARI00032_Lemongrass










That’s a wrap!  As we say in the biz, it’s in the can and ready to roll!  And I’m ready to roll BACK to Florida, and start planning for NEXT YEAR’S NAB SHOW!  So much to do, so little time to do it… let’s see: first, what to pack… gotta fly!  And always remember: read my feeds and stay blogged-in!  Until next time, this is Ryan Salazar – SEE YA!

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