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30,000 Feet Up & 2200 Miles to 2017 #NABShow



…And away we go!

Our Fort Lauderdale crew is now thirty-thousand feet up in the air and we’re on our way to “Sin City” – Las Vegas, Nevada! NAB Show HERE WE COME!

As usual, my level of excitement won’t let me settle-down, so I’ve started blogging while on the plane! (This is DEFINITELY a bad habit, but at least I’m not driving this contraption!)

(Janet – if you can’t fit your bag into the overhead, it’ll just have to dangle from the back of the plane!)

The most exciting thing this year (for me) – is that Broadcast Beat is producing NAB Show LIVE for the SECOND YEAR in a row and we’re expecting over 1.2 million online viewers!

That’s right – NAB Show LIVE!  is centrally located in the Grand Lobby, in the M.E.T. 360 Studio powered by NeuLion. The studio is the heart of NAB Show‘s onsite digital content production. Featuring social media and broadcast production teams, the M.E.T. 360 Studio is where to see live broadcasts of NAB Show LIVE!, have social meet-ups and experience some celebrity sightings. Live feeds, on-the-floor “field” reporting and archived show content – in addition to news and exhibitor information shown on a Digital Content Network rotating on multiple screens throughout the convention center. We are broadcasting online from www.nabshow.com and from broadcastbeat.com on the Front Page of our website at the following days/times:

Saturday, 4/22/17 from 12:00pm – 5:00pm PST
Sunday, 4/23/17 from 12:00pm – 5:00pm PST
Monday, 4/24/17 from 9:00am – 6:00pm PST
Tuesday, 4/25/17 from 9:00am – 6:00pm PST
Wednesday, 4/26/17 from 9:00am – 6:00pm PST
Thursday, 4/27/17 from 9:00am – 2:00pm PST

We also have lots of Pre-NAB Show videos on our website at www.broadcastbeat.com/videos/

Check-out Broadcast Beat Magazine’s Digital Edition – with over 120 pages of NAB Show!  The newest issue has JUST been published – see it at: magazine.broadcastbeat.com/

(I need to switch seats with somebody – come-on, you guys! One of you swap with me!!!)

So, here’s a little bit of what I will be looking forward to at the show:

Want to see what we see – as we’re seeing it? Then, you have to try viewing it on either instagram.com/broadcastbeat/, www.twitter.com/broadcastbeat/ or check-out the live blogging at www.broadcastbeat.com!

NAB Show will be packed with opportunities for industry professionals to “tap” into the power of networking! These exciting  “meet and mingle” events with top industry executives are the perfect way to gauge and power forward in your career.

Knock, knock – it’s SPROCKIT


Starting a company is easy.  Building a company that can scale and change the world is hard!   Having a great idea that solves a big problem, building an All Star team and raising capital is just the beginning.  You need to get your product in front of the right companies, in the right places at the right time.  Enter SPROCKIT:  the Best-of-the-Best, market-ready game-changing media and entertainment companies ready to rock it!  They have been judged by industry and peers to have the potential for stardom. Being invited to participate in SPROCKIT is recognition and access to the industry’s elite. In all accounts, a startup chosen by SPROCKIT has reached a certain level of status – they are ready.

SPROCKIT is building alliances between today’s industry giants and tomorrow’s new elite in bringing new products to market that are revolutionizing the industry.  Those selected to participate in the program often enjoy rapid growth, increased influence and advantageous partnerships. They are shaping the future of media and entertainment. Currently enjoying its fifth year, SPROCKIT will showcase up to 30 market-ready companies, at the 2017 NAB Show in Las Vegas, and assemble during the year at SPROCKIT Sync, a group of private forums where industry executives and entrepreneurs meet three times a year for day-long meetings in the technology (Silicon Valley), media (New York City) and entertainment (Los Angeles) hubs to collectively discuss new technologies that will advance the industry.  Nearly 100 emerging companies have participated in SPROCKIT, many of which have experienced successful funding rounds, partnerships and acquisitions, since SPROCKIT began in 2013.

The first 10 participating companies in this year’s SPROCKIT program are:

  • dotstudioPRO enables companies and network partners to deliver content directly to consumers via websites and branded applications and across OTT platforms.
  • Epidemic Sound offers a global direct license that enables media companies to easily distribute content across all platforms.
  • Ex Machina develops apps and multiscreen strategies for media companies and advertisers seeking engagement solutions for TV programs and live streams.
  • Guidebox puts video apps in front of users when they are searching for content on AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Google Chromecast and more.
  • ICX Media is a digital video management and data analytics platform for media companies, brands, digital video producers and creators.
  • Streamroot enables content providers to offer better quality video while improving the economics of OTT delivery.
  • TV introduces the only end-to-end solution for easily managing, distributing and monetizing individual interactive TV channels and broadcasting networks, including a cloud-based linear TV channel and countless on demand, VOD/OTT, and live broadcasting possibilities.
  • Wildmoka allows broadcasters and content owners to clip individual moments from live TV and events and share them across web, mobile and social platforms.
  • Vertebrae’s native solutions bring the world of virtual and augmented reality advertising to brands. The headset-agnostic platform acts as a conduit and pipeline connecting advertisers with developers and publishers.
  • Vydeo is a patent-pending platform and software development kit for third party apps to interact with users via video.

DO NOT OVERLOOK THE CONFERENCES!!!  There is SO MUCH discussed within them and so many sudden (and last minute) guest appearances it is UNREAL!  Executives from many different studios from the industry share secret after secret and so many things are bandied about, there is just too much to name!  So much to see, so much to hear…

The “Excitement Meter” has just hit 1,000 – and it only goes up to 10!!! – THIS is our BIGGEST Show YET!!! Broadcast Beat producing NABShow LIVE! for the SECOND time – INSANITY!!!

I’ve got to go – the flight attendants have asked for “Airplane Mode” – whatever THAT is!  I really must find out… LOL – Don’t forget to tune-in on Monday April 24th!

Check out the Broadcast Beat FOODIE LIST for GREAT places to eat!  Click HERE

…Wheeeeeee!  SEE YOU IN VEGAS!!!

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