2017 #NABShow – Day 3 Wrap-up

IMG_0772TODAY is the THIRD day of The 2017 NAB Show – and WOW!  WHAT a day it WAS!!! 🙂 Broadcast Beat had a STELLAR coverage day of the Show yesterday, and the third day is definitely the charm!  The show is going FABULOUSLY, and our crew is doing OUTSTANDING work – they are extremely instrumental in allowing us to get the word out about the Show and all the products appearing there!

Here we are – getting ready for DAY 3 – everybody is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed… all four crews have checked-in and we’re ready to roll!  I see our on-camera talents are rip-roaring & ready to go, as well!!!  Producer Mark Gillingham and Technical Director Steve Lipsey (above) are biting at the bit to be let loose… so run!  Be Free!!! LOL

Day 3 crew ready

 You know, before the show starts, I have to talk about the Broadcast Beat staff, and how much of themselves is put into every show!  So many people are working “behind the scenes” – it’s not just the on-camera talent, it’s everybody! Here is another picture of the MET 360 Control Room, where BB staffers are getting their final instructions and preparing to hit the Show Floor! If you could have seen all the equipment we packed in our Ft. Lauderdale Studio, you’d understand just what an undertaking this is!  The ONLY thing that makes this easy to do is that the content – The Show Exhibitors and their offerings – is right there before us; it’s literally a blank canvas upon which we can lay the products and people onto… So much for my “romancing” – Let’s get ON with it!

Ryan at RTW with Mike Kahsnitz, Head of Product ManagementRyan and his crew are already out at their first interview of the day in North Hall at RTW with Mike Kahsnitz, Head of Product Management. They are chatting about what RTW brings to the NAB table – specifically, innovative instruments and technologies for visual audio monitoring in broadcast, production, post-production, and quality control. Whether audio metering, loudness metering, or signal monitoring, RTW’s state-of-the-art systems are the result of a future-oriented strategic approach that focuses on continuous development while putting maximum attention to reliability and protecting their clients investments. This includes their 19-inch rackmount for its TM3 and TM3-Primus product lines.


 Leslie Lello at the WISYCOM booth talks about their new RF antenna. Their new RF combiner CSI16T, Leslie Lello at the WISYCOM booth talks about their new RF antennathe new bodypack transmitter MTP41S, and the RF over optical fiber link MFL are products you can see at their booth.  They study, design and build the most sophisticated RF solutions for radio microphones, IFB and presenter cues, radio talkback and reporter systems available today in the professional broadcast marketplace. They provide durable, flexible, reliable and practical products. The products are conceived from specific company foundations such as attention to a customer’s needs and requests, the great value of teamwork and technical competence in every single step of production and research.

Darius Seabaugh, VP at ProCoSoundDarius Seabaugh, VP at ProCo Sound, a Michigan-based Corporation founded by Charlie Wicks in 1974. ProCo builds audio interface products as simple as guitar and microphone cables to complex 256-channel digital snakes, in-ear monitor controllers and facility distribution systems. They are featuring their HD-SDI Cable at NAB 2017 (Booth C1150). The ProCo HD-SDI Cable is a 100 percent sweep tested, low loss coax cable designed for professional broadcasters that need a high-performance and reliable SDI connection. The HD-SDI cable has a bare copper conductor, gas injected foam HDPE insulation, a Duofoil® tinned copper braided shield and durable PVC jacket. It measures in at 19 AWG and has an electrical resistance of up to 75Ω.

 Michael and Eddy at Lumens  Ladibug Booth & their IP remote controlled VC-A60S camera. The Michael and Eddy at lumensladibug & their IP remote controlled VC-A60S cameraLumens™ VC-A60S HD  PanfTiltlZoom (PTZ) camera is equipped with a professional 1/2.8 inch image sensor with Full HD  1080p output  resolution  and a high dynamic image quality of 60 frames per second. The superior  30x optical zoom lens with  professional noise reduction  and wide dynamic range technology delivers a clear image even in low  light, backlight or the extreme contrast of brightness and darkness in a room.  The camera utilizes a highly efficient DC motor servo controller to achieve high-speed, quiet and precise positioning movements. The VC-A60S  supports  3G-SDI, DVI, component and C-Video  interfaces  allowing  four  simultaneous  image outputs  with  the best possible image quality and is compatible with  all types of video equipment. The VC-A60S is applicable for lecture capture, videoconferencing and broadcasting systems.


Jaimi talking with Tom Yuhas at Cineo LightingJaimi talking with Tom Yuhas at Cineo Lighting. Since the introduction of digital lighting into film, television, and photography, color rendering has been an issue. The inherently discontinuous light spectra of traditional LED sources has made it difficult for a digital light to approach the color rendering quality of a black-body radiator like a tungsten filament. Cineo has custom-designed the spectra of every fixture in their product line for both Remote Phosphor and color-tuned technologies. Their phosphor chemistry, originally developed for our Remote Phosphor panels, shows negligible color shift after 100,000 hours of operation. By designing proprietary recipes for all their lighting fixtures, they can guarantee accuracy, consistency, and longevity of their entire product line.

Ryan interviewing Chris Harmon, Product Manager at Utah Scientific. Utah Scientific was born to Ryan interviewing Chris Harmon, Product Manager at Utah Scientificserve the broadcast industry. Since delivering their first analog video router, the AVS-1, to Salt Lake City’s KUED-TV in 1978, Utah Scientific has become the world’s leader  in video routers, master control switchers, and related control software. They have more experience with those products than any other manufacturer, and they take pride in knowing that their reliability and performance is unmatched by any product line in the industry. Utah Scientific was the first to offer a large-scale digital router and pioneered many of the features that have become commonplace in the industry today: multiformat routing, integrated A/D and D/A conversions on inputs and outputs, integrated fiber-optic conversion, and 300 megabit switching. Utah Scientific’s customers include television stations and broadcast operations worldwide.

Richard from syncbac timecodesystemsRichard Meredith from Timecode Systems discusses their SyncBac PRO. Over the last few years wearable cameras have become commonplace on professional film and broadcast sets. But as non-timecoded cameras, the challenge has always been how to sync the footage captured not only with other GoPros, but also with pro cameras and pro audio devices. The SyncBac PRO creates the capability to wirelessly timecode sync multiple GoPros and GoPros with pro cameras and pro audio devices over long range RF when enabling the GoPro HERO4 Black and Silver to generate its own frame-accurate timecode.  At the end of a shoot, SyncBac PRO users simply remove the SD card from their GoPro and hand post-production footage with embedded timecode. The single MP4 file can be uploaded into their chosen editing package in the same way as media captured by large scale professional broadcast cameras and audio devices.

 Chris Bobotis, founder of Mettle, tells about their VR collaboration with Facebook. As a result of thisChris Bobotis, founder of Mettle, tells about their VR collaboration with Facebook collaboration, Mettle has developed one of the industry’s first depth-based visual effects software designed specifically to leverage the new 6DoF capabilities in the new Surround 360 family of cameras. 6DoF is advanced 360 camera technology that enables viewers to move up/down, left/right, forward/backwards with pitch, yaw and roll within the 360 experience. This sophisticated 360 viewing experience can cause significant challenges in the post production workflow, as there were previously no editing or effects tools available to manage depth of field. Mettle has released the first in a series of depth-based visual effects tools that will enable content creators to manage depth of field, depth-based masking and other depth based VFX in Adobe® After Effects®.

Jaimi chats with Global Sales Manager, Gary Tosen of Pliant Technologies Jaimi chats with Global Sales Manager, Gary Tosen of Pliant Technologies. Pliant Technologies, a division of ClearComm, puts their clients first and believes that their growth is limited only by their customer satisfaction. To provide the best possible solutions and service to customers, Pliant invests in core product development and support, and hires the talent who thinks beyond the ordinary.  Their innovative team represents more than 165 years of combined industry experience.  Thanks to their talented and dedicated employees, their development and technology partners, and the valued customers they serve, Pliant has become the world’s leading communications manufacturer. Pliant Technologies continues ClearComm’s tradition of industry-leading intercom technology as the maker of revolutionary Tempest wireless intercom systems. Along with continuing to manufacture and market Tempest, Pliant will introduce new innovative intercom products that will transform the industry.

You NEVER know who you’re going to run into at NAB Events, and look who we bumped into – the oneRyan and Louie Anderson and only Louie Anderson!  The Emmy Award-winning comedian and actor, currently in his second season (and renewed for a third) of the FX comedy show “Baskets,” in which he portrays a woman – Christine Baskets, the mother of twin sons (both portrayed by Zach Galifianakis) – one of whom is attempting to become a rodeo clown.  In addition, he is a best-selling author, star of his own stand-up specials and sitcoms and he continues to tour the country performing to standing-room-only crowds worldwide.  Comedy Central holds him as “One of 100 Greatest Stand-Up Comedians of All Time.”

Craig Newbury, VP at Wohler, demos their new IP monitor, capable of AES67Craig Newbury, VP at Wohler, demos their new IP monitor, capable of AES67. AES67 is a standard to enable high-performance audio-over-IP streaming interoperability between the various IP based audio networking products currently available, based on existing standards such as Dante, Livewire, Q-LAN and Ravenna. All iAM Series monitors are built with an on-board web server. Multiple units on the same network can be updated, monitored and controlled via a browser-based user interface that supports fast configuration with role-based authentication that protects critical configurations from unauthorized alteration.


 Jay Shinn, Vice President America, FOR.A, discussing with Jaimi their cutting edge technology. Jay Shinn, Vice President America, FOR.G, discussing with Jaimi their cutting edge technologyAligning with the company’s NAB theme of “FOR-A World of Possibilities,” the product area highlights the latest video industry trends, including 4K 2SI, 12G-SDI, High Dynamic Range, Wide- Gamut RGB Color Space and 8K products.  “As 4K use becomes more common, system builds involving surface wiring for 4 x 3G-SDI output are becoming a major issue operationally,” says Jay. “With 8K, 16 cables need to be utilized to handle one image – even for FOR-A, and we have many baseband-related products. We feel that this issue needed to be seriously addressed, so we’ve been developing equipment focused on new 12G-SDI technology that’ll benefit our customers. With this technology, users have the ability to transmit 4K video through just one cable.”

Ryan interviewing Amit Chopra, CEO, Digital DomainRyan interviewing Amit Chopra, CEO, Digital Domain. Digital Domain unveiled a new end-to-end solution for virtual reality (VR) content creators and distributors. Kronos, a spherical camera, also has a suite of editing tools that keeps DD on top as a major play in the FX world. A creative force in visual effects and media applications, Digital Domain has brought artistry and technology to hundreds of motion pictures, commercials, video games, music videos and virtual reality experiences. Digital Domain creates transportive experiences that entertain, inform and inspire. The company is a pioneer in many fields, including visual effects, livestreaming landmark events in 360° virtual reality, building situational awareness applications, creating “virtual humans” for use in films and live events, and developing interactive content.

IMT and Vislink have teamed up, as told by John Payne IV, President, IMT USA.  xG Technology, Inc. IMT and Vislink have teamed up per John Payne IV, President, IMT USA.(“xG” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: XGTI, XGTIW), a leading provider of wireless video solutions to broadcast, law enforcement and defense markets, and private mobile broadband networks for critical communications, acquired Vislink with the goal of merging their operations with those of IMT. The addition of Vislink product lines to IMT brings together, under one roof, the broadcast industry’s most comprehensive range of wireless video capture, transmit and receive systems. Vislink and IMT business units are demonstrating newsnet, a technological ecosystem that establishes a bi-directional IP network for ENG use, at NAB 2017.  The newsnet system consists of one or more mobile high-speed IP network nodes that easily connects with a base station, typically located at existing ENG receive sites. Each mobile node not only offers high quality video transmission capability, but also a private and reliable ingress point for other IP-centric edge devices — allowing users to control their own private high-speed IP licensed wireless network and ensuring that their content news gathering workflows and intellectual property are never at risk.


Joseph White, regional sales manager, Family-owned Miller Tripods Joseph White, regional sales manager, Family-owned Miller Camera Support, LLC, a leader in the production of innovating camera support solutions, has started shipping its new range of arrowFX Fluid Heads at NAB 2017. The series,including the arrowFX  3, arrowFX 5 and arrowFX 7, is an extension of Miller’s new arrowX line of fluid heads, providing the latest solution for high-definition live television productions where augmented reality effects are inserted into the picture. The arrowFX Fluid Heads feature robust, high-resolution magnetic encoders integrated into the fluid head. The arrowFX can precisely monitor and communicate, in real time, the exact position of the fluid head with zero latency.

 Mo-Sys VP Business Development- Americas, Gary Attanasio, shows off the L40.  Mo-Sys remoteThe L40 - Mo-Sys VP Business Development- Americas, Gary Attanasio camera heads are known for their strength, high-precision, responsiveness and ease of use. They offer an assortment of specific features like gyro stabilization and back-pan, tailored for the film and broadcast industry. With precise, robust and light weight 2-axis head for high-end digital cinematography, it is ideal for medium sized camera packages – for example: ARRI Alexa with a large zoom lens, such as Optimo 12:1 or Panavision 12:1.  At the core of the L40 is their highly robust and precise motor drive with zero backlash, providing lag-free operation. The L40 sets a new standard with the digital back-pan gyro option, making it a preferred choice for telescopic and standard crane work. It allows the operator to concentrate on the framing while the head takes care of the compensation of the crane movement.

Wiggo Evenson, CEO of BarnFind TechnologiesWiggo Evensen, CEO of BarnFind Technologies, shows how multiple live cameras can be handled. BarnOne, a revolutionary 1RU multi-functional, signal neutral transport platform developed to accommodate all segments of the broadcast industry. BarnOne, a powerful and affordable system that provides up to 32 ports with either 32 x SFPs from various manufacturers offering different capabilities, or a mix with 8 or 16 BNC’s or HDMI/ DVI, features a built in electrical and/or optical router with a flexible configuration of CWDM (8/16ch), DWDM (up to 40ch) or 10Gbit Ethernet trunks. A comprehensive functionality suite includes standard SDI conversion, routing, multiplexing, embedding, add/drop, crossover, distribution, IP to ASI/ASI to IP conversion, STM-1 Telco, MADI, AES etc. They have introduced additions and upgrades, which include significant features to enhance the Company’s core BarnOne and BarnMini families with control and configuration upgrades and additional functionality.

Wes Donahue, director of sales at TVLogic, explains why OLED is better than an LCD display. TheirWes Donahue, director of sales at TVLogic, explains why OLED is better than an LCD display LEM-150 is the first broadcast monitor to utilize an Organic Light Emitting Diode(OLED) display. OLED offers many advantages over conventional flat panel technologies including highest possible contrast ratio and ultra-wide viewing angle(180°). In addition, due to extremely fast pixel response time, LEM-150 offers clean and smooth motion.  Most TVLogic monitors are bundled with standard desktop stands and offer many features such as 608/708 closed captioning support, 3D LUT import and export, Active Format Description support, built-in Waveform and Vectorscope, 3G input, rack mount options and more that make them the most versatile broadcast and professional monitors in the industry.

We came, we saw, we CONQUERED … NAB is OURS! The end of Day 3 and we have logged MANY HOURS at 2017 #NABShow already!  And Day 4 (albeit a partial day) is upon us in the morn… For now, it’s off to the Red Carpet, where we KNOW that we’ll see some notables… while not as star-studded as the Emmys or the Oscars, there will be industry stars walking before us… Until tomorrow, when we hit the floor for the last time this year, get in a few good parties, and remember to stay blogged-in! Have a GREAT night – and we’ll see you on the floor tomorrow!

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