2017 #NABShow – Day 4 Wrap-up

las-vegas-1051226_960_720TODAY is the Fourth (and FINAL) day of The 2017 NAB Show – and WOW! WHAT a day it WAS!!! 🙂 Another GLORIOUS day!  You know, they say that Hollywood is “La La Land,” but when you’re at NAB Show, surrounded by all the equipment and many of the people who make La La Land possible, THIS feels even MORESO than Hollywood!  Let’s take a chomp into this last bite of The Show (only half a day!) and finish this mega-puppy up!  🙂

Ryan chatting with Taras Bugir, President of Decentrix, about their exciting products.  Decentrix, is a Ryan chatting with Taras Bugir, President of Decentrixglobal technology company that develops and licenses enterprise analytics solutions for Media, Entertainment, Advertising and Telecommunications companies with a primary goal of maximizing revenue opportunities for these businesses in their content and advertising business models. Their comprehensive enterprise Media Business Intelligence (MBI™) Solution, the BIAnalytix™ product platform, is tailored specifically to the needs of Media, Entertainment, Telecommunications and Advertising companies. BIAnalytix consists of predefined comprehensive set of modules or building blocks that provide a “fast track” implementation of Business Intelligence for any media enterprise. The platform provides rapid access to insights across a vast amount of information on transactions of proposals, sales, inventory, pricing, audience demographics, customer and financial history across essentially all media transactional systems.


Edel Garcia, Executive Vice-President Sales & Marketing of - glookast with the LiveU backpack Edel Garcia, Executive Vice-President Sales & Marketing of GLOOKAST (taken with the LiveU backpack). GLOOKAST develops tools that move media and data in multi-format, multi-resolution and MXF-based workflows.  Their products provide solutions for baseband and file-based ingest, media movement and outgest. GLOOKAST is involved with “evolving workflows to the cloud” through the launch of 3 new products, including their first-ever cloud and virtual machine ready solution: glooport media producer!  The other products are Gloobox LiveOps and Gloobox Capturer IP/4K. In addition, GLOOKAST is now an Avid Alliance Partner and they have achieved Avid Platform Certification, meaning that their products, workflows and solutions are fully tested and supported by Avid.

The LiveU backpack in action again as Ryan interviews the Vice President Marketing & NorthThe LiveU backpack in action as Ryan interviews the Vice President Marketing & North American Sales of seevee, Chris Scurto American Sales of ZeeVee, Chris Scurto. Developing video distribution platforms that ensure the highest quality video – on any display device – and leveraging existing or new cable infrastructure, ZeeVee engineers and manufactures innovative products that challenge the status quo and leverage industry standards to distribute HD to Ultra-HD/4K video. Simply and Rapidly. ZeeVee is leading convergence of AV and IP, bringing to market innovative, cost effective and easy to install IP video distribution platforms. At The Show, they are showcasing its third generation ZyPer4K, a zero-latency, uncompressed switching and distribution solution.  ZyPer4K simplifies video distribution by offering virtual plug and play configuration using the ZeeVee Management platform and nearly any off the shelf 10Gb Ethernet switch.

Greg LaPorte, VP at SonnetTech, shows NABShow the eGFX Breakaway BoxGreg LaPorte, VP at Sonnet Technologies, shows NABShow the eGFX Breakaway Box. Sonnet Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of Thunderbolt™ 2-to-PCIe® card expansion systems; pro media readers; RAID storage systems; and storage, network, and other interface cards for pro users in the audio, video, and broadcast industries. Sonnet’s Thunderbolt expansion products enable the use of pro audio I/O and DSP cards, pro video capture and transcoding cards, network and storage interface cards, and other high-performance PCIe cards with Thunderbolt technology-enabled computers. The eGFX is a Thunderbolt 3-to-PCI Express(R) (PCIe(R)) expansion solution designed specifically for bandwidth-intensive graphics applications. The eGFX Breakaway Box boosts graphics performance by giving users the ability to connect a high-performance graphics (GPU) card or other PCIe card to a Thunderbolt 3-equipped, eGFX-compatible notebook, all-in-one, or other small-form-factor computer.

Ben Davenport, Strategic Product Manager- Arvato, talks shop. Arvato is a leading international Ben Davenport, Strategic Product Manager- Arcaromedia asset management service provider that lives and breathes digital technology. More than 70,000 employees in over 40 countries are helping our customers succeed on the market. They design and implement customized solutions covering a wide range of business processes along integrated service chains.  These solutions include financial services, customer relationship management, supply chain management and IT services. In other words, whenever you download software, shop online, or have your smart phone repaired, there’s a good chance that they were active behind the scenes as a service provider. In more than 40 countries and on every continent, they provide optimized processes, support end customers, and offer innovative solutions.


Tedial, while Ryan talks with Jay Batista, General Manager, US Operations.At Tedial, Ryan talks with Jay Batista, General Manager, US Operations. Tedial is a leading provider of Media and Content Management solutions designed to maximized business efficiency and profitability. Their multi award-winning Media IT platform, Tedial Evolution, provides international broadcasters and global media companies with the next-generation in MAM and business driven media workflow. It enables an end-to-end business media platform marrying media preparation and logistics into a complete supply chain. This provides customers with scalable tools that cost-effectively allow them to increase their media throughput in-line with the unprecedented speed at which media consumption is increasing year on year. Tedial Evolution is designed to reinforce a collaborative working environment and drive workflows for linear, VOD and OTT services.

 Dave Clack, CEO at CatDV, explains their MAM.  They are Square Box Systems, which is an innovative Dave Clack, CEO at CatDV_MAMsoftware company, specializing in the development of multimedia tools. They take the time to carefully listen to all their customers’ needs and support some of the world’s greatest organizations. If you go to them, they will work closely with you to find the right solution to your problem. Their core products are based around CatDV, the leading digital asset management system.  CatDV is a media asset management system that consists of a suite of products, providing a scalable, cross-platform, media asset database that can handle a very wide range of file types. CatDV creates a catalog of all kinds of media assets, not just video (although enhanced support for video content is included) but also still images, audio files, PDFs, etc. You can log metadata against your media making is searchable using key words, not just clip titles. It also provides analysis and transcoding of media files with advanced logging tools, sequence editing and integration with non-linear editing applications.

Gordon Daily, President of boxcast w BoxCasterPro Gordon Daily, President of Boxcast, with their BoxCasterPro. Simply put, BoxCast is a complete, easy-to-use live streaming solution for organizations. It’s simple – BoxCast is the simplest live HD-streaming solution available. All you need to stream live is power, an internet connection and a video camera. It’s reliable – With BoxCast, you schedule your broadcast ahead of time meaning one less thing to keep track of on the day of your event. Your viewers will get a perfectly-sized picture on any device – smartphone, tablet or computer. Plus, there’s no buffering and no annoying ads to distract from your streamed content. It’s affordable – For one low price, you can stream unlimited events to unlimited viewers and store content indefinitely without worrying about overages. The BoxCasterPro is used to encode for the most demanding applications (4K • HEVC • 60fps • HDR • SDI • XLR), backed by the world’s most advanced video platform.

Chris Wagner, EVO, NeuLion showing Ryan around their booth! Neulion is a worldwide leaderChris Wagner, EVO, NeuLion specializing in digital video broadcasting, distribution and monetization. They deliver live and on-demand content to every Internet-enabled device imaginable. They develop digital media strategies that grow exponentially each year for the biggest names in sports, entertainment and universities. Their digital products are constantly on the edge of innovation and deliver content in the highest quality up to Ultra HD/4K on any connected device. They help to initiate your new digital strategy quickly on multiple consumer devices, with multiple monetization options including pay-per-view, subscription and affiliate authentication and they have established well-built relationships that meet the needs of every customer and drive revenue success.

Well, that’s it!  Final wrap!  Let’s tighten’er up and put her in the can – WE ARE DONE!  NAB Show 2017 is officially over, and now all that’s left is the tears (from having to clean-up!) I want to thank EVERYONE for a WONDERFUL NAB Show Experience – from the staff at NAB to the Broadcast Beat Staff, to everyone else – including YOU (you know who you are – you’re the one who’s reading this RIGHT NOW!)  There is such a long list of people to thank, that the entire blog would be a list of names… so, this thank you will have to do!

Remember to follow the Broadcast Beat website (, and look-in on it often… in other words, STAY BLOGGED-IN!  Take care!  — Ryan

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