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NAB Show Parties: 2018 NAB Show Party & After-Hours Events List


If we don’t mention the 2018 NAB Show After-Parties, we would be leaving out a huge chunk of the fun associated with NAB Show! Look below and click on the NAB Show party details for more information, as some are either private, by invitation only or have an admission charge. This is a running list and the most comprehensive you will find! We update as we find or receive info.

Updated: DAILY!

The one thing we’re doing with our 2018 NAB Show Party list is updating it with all the other NAB Show After-Parties (Official and Unofficial!). Our NAB Show Party list is setup in such a way so that you can hit several parties every night!  We will keep re-posting this as more events are discovered! Expect the list to be updated daily!

E-mail: [email protected] with NAB Show Parties you don’t see here.
Let’s make this the best 2018 NAB Show Party list!

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Note: Las Vegas Nightclubs require a valid proof of age and follow strict Dress Code: NO shorts, sneakers, flip flops, t-shirts or hats will be permitted; slacks/jeans, collared shirt and closed toe dress shoes for gentlemen are required. In many cases, entry is at the doorman’s discretion!

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