2019 #NABShow – Day 2 Wrap-up

#GALSNGEAR is LIVE! Watch at or . @NABShow #NABShow
We have awesome crowd for our first show today with #GalsNGear’s @brandbuzz and @adryenn hosting! #NABShow @NABShow – at Las Vegas Convention Center












Hi There!  Welcome to DAY 2 of the 2019 NAB Show!  We’re at it AGAIN – as you can see from the crowded Control Room, we are fit as a fiddle and ready to go! We’ve got ALOT in store for you today, so stay blogged-in and see what The Show has to offer!  We visited many interesting people yesterday, and there are many more interesting people to see today!  So sit back, relax, and let us do the driving! Was that a horn I hear? 🙂 Oh – it’s our first show of the day!!!

Learning from Senior Sales Specialist Kenki Arai, about cinema; Alexa, lenses, and upgrades, so awesome!
Industry furniture for a professional studio over at @tbcconsoles at the @NABShow #NABShow
These guys @tbcconsoles are really helpful with getting your studio furniture to the next level #NABShow
These tables at @tbcconsoles are bad ass there’s really no other way to describe it! @NABShow #NABShow








Got to talk to John Humphrey from @HitachiGlobal today! He showed us some cool new products such as the SK-HD1800, a new small 4K camera, and a digital control panel! #NABShow


Over at the sigma booth 😬 @Sigma_Photo @NABShow #NABShow


At Flex Rental Solutions with CEO Chris Stein! We got this amazing opportunity to learn all about Inventory; Warehouse Management, Mobile Apps, and RDID 😎 Flex is all about scanning less, and doing more! Booth C11547 #NABShow @NABShow


Amusing morning with Ehro Field Solutions. Talking with Senior Sales Specialist, Elvis Luna about Support Base for Manfrotto, allowing more variety of use and upgrades! 😎 Booth C11249 #NABShow @NABShow


Got to chat with @SmallHD about their 2 new products, the 702Touch touchscreen monitor! #NABShow
Got to chat with @SmallHD about their 2 new products, the Cine 7 touchscreen monitor! #NABShow









Broadcast Beat Editor-In-Chief @ryansalazar sits down with CEO of @BeasleyMedia and NAB Joint Board Chair, @CarolineBeasl15 on the @NABShow Live set. #NABShow – at Las Vegas Convention Center


Right now we are interviewing Kim Hutchinson, Account Manager North America, for Shape. The stuff they have here is just incredible! Booth C8215 #NABShow @NABShow


Such cool technology they are featuring at @BroadcastDepot!! They are showcasing the next generation of scanning technology using the Sodyo app. #NABShow @NABShow


Getting started over @SecureData @NABShow #NABShow


Awesome industry lighting over at @Zylight @NABShow #NABShow


Our team chatting with Aaron Brady of @VitecGroup about @AutoscriptTV teleprompting equipment.


Talked with @TVUNetworks about their new TVU One transmits 4K/60fps. It’s a portable transmitter unit that encodes at 60fps, supports cellular modems, satellite, microwave, Ethernet, and WiFi. #NABShow @NABShow


Currently interviewing Michael Accardi, President for CueScript. We are learning about the impact of their product, and it’s way with words in the industry targeted, and about SMTE 2110 Booth C2622 @CueScript_ #NABShow @NABShow


We are all set up and ready for our next interview! SHURE Twin:Plex can’t wait to heat up our morning with their Lavalier & Headset Microphones! #NABShow @NABShow
Our interviewer is right now with Senior Product Manager | Microphones Global Product Management for SHURE Twin:Plex John Born, who is sharing with us all the details and all the answers you want to hear! @shure booth C6015 #NABShow @NABShow


Catching up with @ptzoptics about their awesome zoom cameras for live stream broadcasting! #NABShow @NABShow


Awesome equipment at canare @NABShow #NABShow
All this is in a mobile van for news broadcasting! @NABShow #NABShow
All this is in a mobile van for news broadcasting! @NABShow #NABShow











Great conversation about new products over at @litegear @NABShow


Talking to @clearcomsystem about their new products such as their LQ series and FreeSpeak II intercom systems!


Professional Mobile Editing LumaTouch is amazing all of us! Both Terry Morgan Co-Founder, Design & Co-founder, Engineering Chris Demiris, had introduced us to their product, feeding our passion for mobile editing, and collaboration. Awesome 👍 Booth C12438 #NABShow @NABShow


Our crew got to talk to @TVLogicUSA about their new products, such as the F-7H mk2, the brightest 7” field monitor with preset touch key! #NABShow @NABShow


Great conversation with @MultiDyne @NABShow #NABShow


Our team is with Steven Holand, President of MyCaseBuilder at Booth C2056 and he is more than happy to be sharing with us everything about their User Designed Custom Foam! They are all about fulfilling our equipment’s needs! 😉⠀ #NABShow @NABShow


Awesome cable cam technology at high sight @NABShow #NABShow


Broadcast Beat took to the tracks for day 2 of #NABShow. We got the chance to speak directly with the crowd in transit to bring you Monorail Moments.


Behind the scenes magic of the Broadcast Beat film crew #NABShow


“We’re not competing to boast, we’re competing to show our customers that we care for them and serve them” Jose Maria Noriega from @Fluotec who’s lighting products has been nominated for Product of the Year by @NABShow. #NABShow


Cooke Optics Chairman Les Zellan, has blown our minds out with their fantastic product. They have been manufacturering Metadata, and full frame Sensor Coverage. Their goal is all about meeting each need of the industry 😎 #NABShow @NABShow


Talking to @Dielectric_LLC about their new product, RFHAWKEYE, a monitoring system for transmission line. #NABShow @NABShow


Got to catch up with @ncamTech who specialize in camera tracking. They are showing off their new product, Extreme, an ncam camera bar. #NABShow @NABShow


Once more our team is having a great time! In this occasion at SKAARHOJ ApS at Booth C1259 with CEO Kasper Skaarhoj, learning about their Universal Broadcast Controllers. So far so good 👌⠀ #NABShow @NABShow


Sitting down with the co founder @omniscientech to speak about tech


Chatting with @OutsightGlobal aka Cream Source, about their new product, SpaceX, which is an LED space light with a twist on conventional top lighting! #NABShow @NABShow


Battery packs over at @coreswx @NABShow #NABShow


FiLMiCInc the Gold Standard for Mobile Video with Founder & CEO Neill Barham & Product Manager Elliot Fitzroy interesting us to their most recent upgrades, and to their Standalone audio recorder 😎 Booth C12439 #NABShow @NABShow


Find out how @neverno drive real time engagement using social and dynamic integration for broadcasting and digital! #NABShow @NABShow


Tracking and keeping your subject on point with @Seervision @NABShow #NABShow


Our team is loving it at OMNICHARGE at Booth C12139. We are talking with Stephen Neff, National Account Manager walking us through their super exciting Power Adventure. An invite to end the struggle of charging! Their motto “Power Anything, Anywhere! 😎 #NABShow @NABShow


The smallest tripod set up in the market @platypodtripods @NABShow #NABShow


Our team interviewing @Studio_Suite, a studio management software that handles every point of contact! #NABShow @NABShow


Our team interviewing @Studio_Suite, a studio management software that handles every point of contact! #NABShow @NABShow


Abe Abt with AJA Video Systems talks with Ryan Salazar about the #NABShow. Come check out their fantastic booth in the lower South hall!


Talking gimbals with @netmediacorp777 @NABShow #NABShow


Industry insights over at @NABShow #NABShow


With BirdDog, who is welcoming us to the world of NDI through their Chief Marketing Officer Eamon Drew. Since 2016 they have had one clear mission: To solve workflow problems, while saving us money! Expanding their range to include 4K Encorders & Decorders! 😎 #NABShow @NABShow


With DTC at Booth C6934 interviewing JP Delport, Vice President, Broadcast Sales for DTC who is explaining to us how they have been developing cutting edge technology for the broadcast market. And to CineVue. AXIS SSK Sony 4K UHD, HDR fully-integrated wireless camera solution.


Sam Wiles, Camera & Color Engineer, is introducing us to FilmConvert. So much to learn about Color grading! Crazy interesting stuff about their product! Booth C3359 #NABShow @NABShow


This a wonderful spot to be at! Amusing ourselves at JVC with National Marketing Manager Professional Video Division Media Service Sector Craig Yanagi. ⠀ Great talk about HEVC, Cameras, encoding, and wireless live streaming⠀ #NABShow @NABShow


Hearing all about Stable Force at PILOTFLY with Sales Manager, Ariel Chang. Who is sharing with us how at PILOTFLY everything is possible, including making a difference! Camera’s accessories made to make the shooting for travel possible, and awesome! #NABShow @NABShow


As they say in the film industry – CUT! Print!!! That’s a wrap, everyone… Day 2 is officially “in the can,” so to speak!  Again, I’ve got to hand it to our devoted crew… once again, they’ve performed exquisitely and beyond my expectations!  Of course, none of that would be possible if it weren’t for you, the loyal NAB Fans who attend The Show and make this all possible!  So, as I said yesterday, NOW is the time for everyone to hit the parties and other social events – you’re in VEGAS! Have a GREAT time!!!  We’ll be back tomorrow with even MORE 2019 NAB Show coverage!  Until then – stay blogged-in!

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