2020 NAB Show: Arista Can Help Developers Build Better Cloud Networks For Data Management


An annual global event like the 2020 NAB Show is host to many professionals within the entertainment/media industry. For tech professionals, this is a great opportunity to invest their time and energy into a computer networking company like Arista, which has pioneered software-driven, cognitive cloud networking for large-scale datacenter and campus environments. This company specializes in the design and sales of multilayer network switches in order to deliver software-defined networking solutions for large datacenter, cloud computing, high-performance computing, and high-frequency trading environments.

Arista’s award-winning platforms range in ethernet speeds from 10 to 400 gigabits per second. They also redefine scalability, agility, and resilience. Arista has shipped more than 20 million cloud networking ports worldwide with CloudVision and EOS, an advanced network operating system. Arista’s platform centers on the Extensible Operating System (EOS™), which is a ground-breaking network operating system with single-image consistency across hardware platforms, and modern core architecture enabling in-service upgrades and application extensibility.

Arista’s EOS is built on an open, programmable, and resilient state-sharing architecture, which enables the delivery of maximum system uptime, reduces CAPEX and OPEX by simplifying IT operations, and enables business agility. Arista EOS software offers programmability at all layers, and this includes:

  • eAPI
  • EOS
  • SDK
  • Linux
  • DevOps integration
  • Broad scripting support

Arista is committed to open standards and this type of architecture is the preferred network platform for post-production and professional IP broadcast networks. Zero-touch deployments get users up and running quickly, and telemetry provides insight into the health of a storage network, content delivery, and IP broadcast. Arista’s scalable and highly available switching portfolio is uniquely positioned for high-speed virtual reality, rendering farms, content delivery, broadcast facility, and demanding editing workflows.


Arista Networks History


President/CEO of Arista Networks


Since 2004, Arista has been recognized as a leader with a top score in current offering and strategy categories in The Forrester Wave™: Hardware Platforms For Software-Defined Networking, Q1 2018. Arista is led by Jayshree Ullal who networking expert/Arista Board Member, Daniel Scheinman said: “Jayshree is an incredible battle-tested leader like Churchill who dealt with staggering challenges while Andy at work is like watching Einstein at work.”

The Arista team is comprised of highly experienced management and engineering talent from leading networking companies. Arista has purpose-built hardware with Arista 7000 family and Arista EOS, maximize system uptime, stateful fault repair, Advanced Event Management, Zero Touch Provisioning, latency analysis, and a fully accessible Linux shell. Arista’s Ethernet switching solutions include native support for VMware, network-virtualization and hundreds of applications. Arista’s hardware platforms are made to handle the stringent power and cooling requirements of today’s most demanding data centers.


Arista Networks Products



In addition to EOS, Arista’s product line includes CloudVision and Platforms such as the Arista Networks Cloud Networking Portfolio.




CloudVision’s abstraction of the physical network to this broader, network-wide perspective allows for a more efficient approach for several operational and network telemetry use-cases, which include highlights such as:

  • Controller agnostic support for physical and virtual workload orchestration through open APIs such as OVSDB, JSON, and Openstack plugins
  • Centralized representation of distributed network state, which allows for a single point of integration and network-wide visibility/analytics
  • Turn-key automation for initial and ongoing zero-touch provisioning, configuration management, and network-wide change management, that’ll include automated upgrades, network rollback, and network snapshots
  • Real-time state streaming for network telemetry and analytics, a modern approach to replace legacy polling per device
  • State Repository, Analytics engines, and Telemetry Apps that provide unprecedented levels of granularity in real-time monitoring and a historic network state for forensic troubleshooting
  • Macro-Segmentation Service provides automated and seamless service insertion and integration with partner security platforms
  • A Cloud TracerTM for visibility into the availability of network interconnects and services across private, public, and hybrid cloud environments
  • A Macro-Segmentation Service that provides automated and seamless service insertion and integration with partner security platforms
  • A compliance Dashboard for Security, Audit and patch management

If developers are looking for deeper integration, then Arista CloudVision is the platform for them. This platform has a broad array of Arista’s ecosystem partner solutions such as:

  • VMWare NSXTM
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • Checkpoint, Fortinet
  • ServiceNow
  • Red Hat
  • Linux Foundation


Arista Networks delivers the most efficient, reliable and high-performance Universal Cloud Network architectures that are based on 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G, 100G, and 400G platforms. These platforms are delivered with Arista EOS®.

Learn more about Arista Networks Cloud Networking Portfolio by downloading the Arista Products Quick Reference Guide.


Arista Exhibit at 2020 NAB Show



It’s an overstatement to say that the times are changing when the technology behind such change has played a key role. As new technological developments usher in more intricate layers of data management within this revolutionary period, then so does the need to understand its function and what can be applied to the very benefits it brings. Arista has proven to be an effective large-scale datacenter, which will be instrumental as the digital ecosystem continues to grow and evolve for the media/entertainment industry. The 2020 NAB Show will take place April 18-22 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.


Visit the Arista Networks exhibit during the 2020 NAB Show at booth # C2617.

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