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2020 NAB Show Attendees Can Find High Quality Digital/Analog TV Broadcasting Equipment From ABE



Radio and TV Broadcasting play a big role in the media/entertainment industry. As technological applications fueling this industry continue to evolve, then so does the need for customer satisfaction. A company such as ABE (Advanced Broadcasting Electronics) recognizes that Radio and TV Broadcasting is in a state of constant change where the need for communication, information, and entertainment continue to impact society.

Since 19179, ABE’S company mission has worked in the creative development of a complete supply chain of technologies and products for digital/analog radio and TV Broadcasting. Over the course of this forty-year period, ABE has designed and manufactured a complete range of high-quality equipment. This year, at the 2020 NAB Show in Las Vegas, they will be showcasing that very equipment, most of  which include:

  • Head-End (MPEG Encoders, Multiplexers, and SFN Adapters )
  • STL MW IP LINKS (Digital Modulators, Microwave links, and Receivers)
  • TV Transmitters (Low Power TV Transmitters, Medium Power TV Transmitters, and High Power TV Transmitters)
  • FM Transmitters (Digital Processing with DDS modulator, Embedded Sat/Terrestrial receivers, Static and Dynamic RDS. 75%, better efficiency with up to 5 years free warranty)
  • Antennas (FM, VHF, and UHF Antennas)
  • OEM Products (OEM Boards, Modules, Digital Modulators, MPEG Encoders, Multiplexers, GNSS receivers, agile up-converters, power amplifiers OEM Complete Products – TV and FM Transmitters, Microwave Links, and Antennas)
  • Additional Accessories (GNSS Synchronizers and broadcast analyzers)


ABE Company Services



In addition to having a wide array of products, ABE provides a host of services to its customers, ranging from:


Network Planning


ABE’s experience in TV Broadcasting has allowed for it to provide assistance to customers by helping them plan and deploy all their technical needs, which range from from:

  • Head-end (Signal encoding, contributions, and multiplexing)
  • Backhauling (Terrestrial microwave links and satellite uplinks)
  • Broadcasting network (Transmitters and antennas)

Network Planning steps include:

  • Defining technical specifications of equipment (Transmitters, Satellite/Microwave Links, and antennas)
  • Transmitting location and coverage predictions (ABE employs a detailed Terrain Model of the entire planet to calculate coverage areas and interference)
  • Single Frequency Networks (SFN) parameters management and interference analysis
  • Needed investments and running costs analysis


Technical Training



ABE offers customers technical training courses that enable operators to become familiar with the technology underlying their products, which include:

  • Standard duration: 4 to 5 days
  • Covering theoretical and practical aspects of Digital and Analog TV Transmitters, Links, Radiation Systems, MPEG Encoders, and Multiplexers
  • Detailed content of each course, which is customized to suit the particular needs of attendees
  • Training certification issued

ABE’s technical training courses include hands-on experience specifically designed to give participants the necessary basis to undertake fault diagnosis, repair, and calibration of the equipment in their standard configurations.


Technical Support


ABE provides quick professional technical support ranging from:

  • Engineers addressing ABE equipment issues
  • Complete availability and visitation to customer facilities
  • On-site installation supervision
  • On-site technical support with skilled engineers

ABE’s entire team is ready to support and repair both new and discontinued products.
Spare parts are usually ready in the company’s factory or at their local partners’ warehouse.

Learn more about ABE Technical support by visiting www.abe.it/en/Services/technical-support.


Product Registration

Any product a customer purchases from ABEcan be registered. This option allows for ABE to improve their technical support capabilities and furthering provide a better customer experience.

The benefits of ABE product registration include:

  • Confirmation of ownership
  • Receiving important product updates
  • Speed-up product support


ABE’S Ultimate Goal


One of ABE’S core values has been innovation, and that has always meant having the courage to anticipate market needs by offering something unexpected. Where the world of broadcast technology is going is hard to say, but there can be no denying the excitement and anticipation ABE will bring to the 2020 NAB Show. This April, more than 90,000 industry professionals from the broadcast industry will have the opportunity to experience ABE’s superb digital and analog radio and TV Broadcasting technology.

The 2020 NAB Show will take place April 18-22 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This global event will help all attending creatives:

  • Create superior audio and visual experiences
  • Receive current insights and predictions on emerging tech and trends
  • Meet pioneers behind the newest techniques and technologies in every category
  • Gain hands-on with new gear, software, and methods

Register now for the 2020 NAB Show, and visit the ABE Exhibit at booth # N5806.

For more information, visit www.nabshow.com/.



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