2020 NAB Show Pavilions Previews: The Advanced Advertising Pavilion

The Advanced Advertising summit at the 2019 NAB Show (source: StoryTechTM)

NAB Show 2020 Pavilions Previews is a series of articles designed to give broadcasting professions a glimpse at what to expect on the Las Vegas show floor and what will be highlighted at the various attractions, pavilions, and theaters featured there.

From the Advanced Advertising pavilion page on the 2020 NAB Show’s website:

“The intersection of content, marketing, and technology. A collection of today’s leading companies and technology pioneers showcasing the latest innovations and tactics to reach your audiences at the right place at the right time on all the latest platforms.

“From automation, AI, and optimization, to programmatic, creative process deep dives, podcast ad strategies, monetization tactics and more. You’ll walk away from these sessions with actionable insights to advance your advertising initiatives to the next level. Produced in partnership with StoryTechTM.”

To learn more about the Advanced Advertising pavilion, I reached out to Lori H. Schwartz, who kindly agreed to be interviewed. “I’m the Principal of StoryTechTM, a consultancy I formed almost seven years ago with a few colleagues who have moved on to other initiatives,” Schwartz explained. “We are an experiential marketing firm that brings together storytellers and technology companies to foster business success. This is done through a variety of curation products like putting together conferences plenaries like the Advanced Advertising Theater, giving show floor tours like at CES–we are their main tour provide–NAB in the past, and IBC to name a few.  We also host and moderate events and innovation days directly for large brands and media companies.

“One of the biggest challenges in the broadcast ecosystem is communication. Brands, tech companies, and media companies all speak different languages and often don’t understand the opportunities for growing their businesses when they work together and understand each other’s value proposition. One of our key ‘contributions’ to the industry is bringing context to the industry by translating the opportunities that all the different players bring to each other. We’re a universal translator! This is where the ‘story’ in our name comes from. Storytelling about the tech and the opportunity is so key to creating understanding and allowing people to really wrap their heads around what something is about. The more we provide this ‘context’, the more we find businesses grow.

“We’ve been working with the NAB Show as partners for the last seven years. We’ve helped provide thought leadership and strategy about what’s happening out there and helped bring into the show  the interesting players that people need to hear from. That’s really a curator’s role–to surface the good stuff. And you can only do that when you have a big umbrella like the NAB Show and a good partner that listens and brings to the table their own insights and knowledge; that’s how the magic happens. Our focus tends to be on the intersection between marketing, technology and content with an innovation spin. The NAB Show has recognized the importance of that swirl and the need to bring that community into the show.

“The target audience is really anyone who wants to understand the business of content.  Right now, making great content is only half the battle–how will you drive audience, how will you fund the content and drive audience engagement, because eyeballs drive the economy of content. Is it sponsorship or subscription? Is it long or short format? What about new platforms? New types of screens? A lot of what we’ll be talking about in the pavilion is focused on the monetization of that content; what are the distribution models, what are the business models and how will that content find the right audience.

“Generally speaking a lot of the focus for exhibitors in the past has been on what we’d call AdTech–short for advertising technology–which is really the umbrella term for the  tools that help creators and brands target, deliver, and analyze their digital advertising efforts and in this case, advertising efforts around content. And it could be that the content is the draw for some one else’s ads–sponsorship model–or the content is what the ad’s are driving audience to–subscription model.

“For StoryTech, as NAB Show’s curation partner, we want to keep looking at the strategy behind this as focusing on the business of content and business meaning, how are new technologies, new consumer behaviors and new storytelling modalities impacting content. We want people to walk away from these sessions with tangible next steps, great contacts, and a deeper understanding of where things are going.”

The 2020 NAB Show will be held April 18 – 22, with exhibits open April 19 – 22, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. 

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