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2020 #NABShow: CineCentral Pavilion!

  Planted in the middle of Central Hall, the CineCentral pavilion hosts a place to discover, learn and socialize while rich discussions of pre-production, production and post practices are being discussed by the professionals (a.k.a. YOU). CineCentral is the prefect

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2019 #NABShow: Robot, You Can Drive My Car

Whether you call them self-driving cars, robot cars, or driver-less cars these environmental  sensing automobiles are capable of driving with little to no human input. The potential benefits that automobile makers are striving to accomplish are reduced repair costs and

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2019 #NABShow: ATSC 3.0 Deploying Worldwide

The Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) have produced over 1,000 pages of documentation comprising roughly 20 standards of the major version of ATSC 3.0. As we know, the first deployments of ATSC 3.0 occurred in South Korea (May 2017) in

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2019 #NABShow: ESPORTS Continues to Grow!

The ESPORTS experience has been a growing phenomenon across the globe sparking deep dives in monetization strategies. The estimated growth of viewership for 2019 is expected to reach 427 million. Reports have determined that in April 2017, 42% of the

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2019 #NABShow: 5G Coming to a City Near You!

Certain cities across the country have been experiencing 5th generation cellular service which boasts high data rates, reduction in latency, energy savings, cost reduction, higher system capacity, and massive device connectivity. The estimated first phase of 5G specifications in Release-15

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