A Case Study: Using iPhone Video in a News Broadcast

Recently, I was at a customer site, a call letter station on the east coast. They had a requirement for their outside reporters to come in with their iPhones or their iPads, to get that video information that they just shot into their production facility, in a high quality digital format.

We showed them the BrightEye Mitto Scan Converter. You can hook up an iPhone or an iPad2 to the Mitto, output that into an HD, SD or even a 3 Gb/s signal. Then ingest that signal into your production facility and broadcast it to air. There are also some handles that allow you to fix color. There is Proc Amp control built into the Mitto. There is even an audio delay capability. One of the applications was just that — they needed some audio delay from the iPhone. The Mitto scan converter brought in the iPhone video and applied the needed audio delay. Now they are able to take that video out to air and use it in the real world.

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