A Pair of Aces: Riedel’s STX-200 & the ReVue

The Riedel Group (Riedel Communications GmbH & Co KG, Riedel Networks GmbH, DECA Card Engineering GmbH, Riedel Technologiepark, Data & Facility Management GmbH) first opened their doors in 1987. From that modest beginning, they’ve expanded into numerous locations in the western world and found their collective niche in the Media industry: Manufacturing of top of the line audio, fiber, intercom and radio technologies servicing various branches of media; and Radio distribution, Reidel is among Europe’s largest partners with Motorola since ‘91’ along with operating one of the largest radio rental services in the world. Speaking of rentals, Riedel Rental Services aids its industry customers with wired and wireless solutions, help with IT, and provides infrastructure; planning, logistics, transmission systems, you name it.

Riedel's Skype Box which allows Skype calls to be brought into broadcasts
Riedel’s Skype Box which allows Skype calls to be brought into broadcasts

So, what’s Riedel’s latest coup? Working with Microsoft licensing, Riedel has produced this truly innovative solution in a single box. Let’s take a look at Riedel’s STX-200. What is better than just having access to your contributors and partners? How about access potential to hundreds of millions of Skype users, as well? That would be neat, right? Chances are, if you’ve been to this year’s IBC show, you may have already caught a glimpse of this sweet product.

“We are very proud of the result of this collaboration with Microsoft, by enabling use of a tremendous volume of new content, the STX-200 will change the way broadcasters interact and engage with their viewers,” states Thomas Riedel, CEO. “Broadcasters now have live access to quality video from the more than 300 million regular Skype users around the world, and the STX-200 equips them to take the best of this content to engage the imaginations and minds of their audiences.”

With the addition of Skype, all-around access to radically increased content and workflow potentials with this

Lars Höhmann talking about Riedel 's new Skype product
Lars Höhmann talking about Riedel ‘s new Skype product

professional-grade broadcast interface opens new vistas of interaction. The flow of information has, once again, increased. Microsoft’s License can help allow reporters to use Skype and pipe-in content directly onto the airwaves, if desired. Add the power of Skype to your arsenal to better take on any broadcast challenges your studio may face. Bring audio, data, and video to your studio or viewers in true time. The STX-200 helps everyone – from one end of the DataStream to the other – to engage with each other more fully. This sturdy unit is built to last and Microsoft’s Skype TX software is there to ensure accuracy and maximal utilization of this impressive machine’s capabilities. It even allows remote management and monitoring of Skype calls! Broadcast-quality HD-SDI and balanced XLR audio I/Os, Gigabit Ethernet connection, a user-interface connection via HDMI, USB ports for accessories, and GPIs allow you to crank-up your studio’s game with Riedel’s STX-200

One good tool deserves another and, fortunately for the industry, there are plenty of top-flight companies that are happy to whip-up solutions until the cows come home, and sometimes even after the bovines call it a night. Using Skype isn’t the only way to up your studio’s game. For your consideration (and speaking of game), Broadcast Pix has a wonderful new way to help manipulate your content once you acquire it (whether it be via Skype or some other source). ReVue is here to brighten the

Broadcast Pix's ReVue switcher
Broadcast Pix’s ReVue switcher

days of sports announcers and fans the world over.

What could be better then settling down in your favorite chair with favorite game foods and beverages to watch your favorite team crush their most hated enemy? How about the ability to relive those epic moments in the action as slowly as the sportscaster wants and from the best possible angle? The Broadcast Pix ReVue can smoothly weave independent or integrated production systems or environments into a breathtaking multi-view celebration of sports great moments. Baseball, football, hockey, soccer – any sportscaster can assist the game to jump out of the screen and engage the viewer more fully with the assistance of that showcase of wonder – the Broadcast Pix ReVue.

This amazing sports replay system helps its user craft the ideal sports moments. Incredible multiple angles, variable speeds, and a powerful HD server with intuitive controls enable the capture of those perfect moments in the action. ReVue helps you showcase the game-winning plays in all their glory. Eight Terabytes (expandable to sixteen) of RAID 6 storage, eight tracks of imbedded audio are available, 1080p Playback and recording is available, and all are packed neatly into a 2RU chassis.

The interface and controls of the ReVue are user-friendly and straight-forward. Playback speed has its own simple control, and three pre-set speed

Broadcast Pix's booth talking with Russell Whittaker about their broadcast switcher
Broadcast Pix’s booth talking with Russell Whittaker about their broadcast switcher

buttons can be used to help keep your slo-mo moments nice and smooth. The ReVue synchronizes all the camera angles and shots in time, which allows the user to reproduce the game in near-perfect detail as the ideal camera views are chosen and displayed. Intuitive controls allow easy use of cameras and clips/servers and speeds.

A jog/shuttle wheel helps find those perfect moments in time. The interface allows the configuration of the previews and/or programs and two outputs allow the potential of two programs. Monitors freely display all the active views available and the interface production systems can activate ReVue playlists from the production switcher directly, for immediate use.

It’s everything the ardent sports fan desires – and more (if they want it in slow motion, that is!)

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