A1now selects Vionlabs’ AI-powered solution for personalized viewing recommendations

Stockholm, June 1st, 2020 – Vionlabs, the industry leading provider of AI-powered content analysis, today announced that its Content Analysis Platform has been chosen by A1 to provide content recommendations on its streaming service A1now. Through the deep insight provided by Vionlabs’ Content Analysis Platform, A1now will be able to understand why customers like certain programming and hence provide personalized viewing recommendations.

The vast content libraries available through streaming services means that the ease with which audiences can find relevant content is now critically important for streaming companies wanting to attract and retain subscribers. With the online video market being so competitive, media companies can get an edge through a better understanding of what makes shows appealing to viewers. By leveraging Vionlabs’ Content Analysis Platform, A1now will boost consumers viewing time by providing a personalized UI and more relevant video recommendations.

“We are excited to be working with Vionlabs to integrate its groundbreaking technology into our streaming platform. This partnership provides A1now with an edge in the market that allows us to take the next step in delighting our customers by providing a truly personalized experience,” said Nina Mack, Head of Channel Development, A1now.

The Vionlabs AI-engine provides deeper analysis and data by measuring thousands of variables throughout the duration of the video, including colors, pace, audio, object recognition and many more to produce an AI-derived fingerprint timeline, frame-by-frame. The result is a far deeper understanding of each content asset that in turn informs better decision making.

“Partnering with innovative players such as A1now in the streaming market is really exciting, because like us they understand that the key to success is intensive customer focus and a tireless desire to delight the end-user through a truly personalized experience,” says Marcus Bergström, CEO, Vionlabs.

The content discovery results produced by the Vionlabs platform are made available through a cloud-based SaaS model integrated with the operators back office systems. The Vionlabs platform is already deployed and is generating very significant uplifts in VOD buy-rates and viewer engagement for its operator customers.

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