Aaron Parry, Chief Creative Officer and Executive Vice President, Stereo D on NAB Show

NAB Show Tips from Aaron Parry, Chief Creative Officer and Executive Vice President
Stereo D®

Aaron Parry, Stereo D
Aaron Parry, Chief Creative Officer and Executive Vice President
Stereo D®

Aaron Parry, Chief Creative Officer and Executive Vice President
Stereo D® , Burbank, California, shares tips for the NAB Show with Pamela Kleibrink Thompson, Recruiter, Career Coach, and Broadcast Beat writer

What advice do you have for someone who has never been to the NAB Show

Go beyond your comfort zone when it comes to lectures and exhibits. There
is a world of information and technology that may influence your business
from a periphery stand point.

What is the most significant trend in your industry this year?

In respect to 3D I would have to say new glasses-free television screens
being exhibited and released. We know it was only a matter of time and
with 4K and soon 8K screens it is becoming a reality for the home and
professional market.

Why do you attend the NAB Show?

At Stereo D our goal is to always lead from a technological stand point as
well as be incredibly filmmaker friendly, meaning we need to understand
the latest advancement they are dealing with on-set and in post so our
creative process and pipeline can stay ahead of the trends.

What have you learned at the NAB Show that has helped you?

We pride ourselves to be filmmaker friendly so we need to research all the latest info about digital cinema cameras. There are a myriad of storage mechanisms we need to focus on at NAB. We get most of our research done on the show floor or in sessions.

What was the best thing about the NAB Show last year? What were the
highlights for you? Any sessions?

Of course it is fantastic to connect with colleagues and discuss changes
in the industry, but for me it was diving into cloud based workflows.

What are you looking forward to in 2015?

I am looking forward to the Creative Masters Series.

Where is the best place to meet people at the NAB Show?
It sometimes can be a bit overwhelming. Check out the mixer or events. On the floor you can go up and ask questions. I don’t meet a ton of colleagues on the floor. Software/hardware vendors have be willing to shake hands and say hi. Most attendees stick to the core areas of their business. I make it a point to ask unusual questions and to make contacts and meet people.

What are you looking for at NAB Show this year?
Dolby is out there with a product that is really encouraging. Consumers are interested in technology that will allow them to enjoy stereo vision without glasses. There is also a lot of work being done with visualization that is glass free. Tv monitors will create a resurgence in the home market which means that 3D projects will have longer shelf life–direct exhibition to the home with passive technologies. Samsung is offering a 8K glass free projection system.

What is the don’t miss event, session or gathering or aspect of NAB for you ? It always changes year to year. Be attentive to the line up and the dynamic within your part of the industry. I always enjoy the Creative Masters series.

What do you like most about the NAB Show?

You can research everything in one spot. It’s an opportunity to connect with colleagues once a year. It’s a good chance to remind you of how big the industry is. Sometimes we get tunnel vision. I always leave inspired by someone I met or the technology I’ve seen.

What else would you want readers of Broadcast Beat to know about you or your company?

This last year Stereo D ventured into animation with digital animation production on the Sponge Bob Movie. Our animation partner is Iloura. We went to Paramount and they said this makes sense. Give the audience hand drawn animation. We’ve already done this for the first movie with the Paramount animation team. Everyone is happy with the collaboration, which will lead to more.

We are known as a service provider. In future we might be able to partnership with a studio to create content.

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