@ABC Stations Release Amazon Fire Apps


Several ABC owned television stations throughout the country have recently jumped into the OTT fire as they have recently announced that recently introduced streaming apps will now be available for Amazon Fire TV. ABC parent company, Disney, also recently announced the release of their Freeform channel streaming app. Thus far, eight stations across the country have the new ability to reach Amazon Fire TV viewers. Those ABC stations are located in Los Angeles, New York, Fresno, Chicago, Raleigh-Durham, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Houston.

The new apps will provide Amazon Fire TV with everything local to each city they serve including the latest in local news, sports, and weather. The apps will also contain a video digest type of world and national news roundup presentation as well as inspirational stories found locally and around the country and will include video feeds and an extended forecast section in weather.

ABC Freeform will, now, be able to stream such favorite shows as The Fosters, Shadowhunters and Pretty Little Liars. The all new streaming app, says Disney, has an upgraded interface and can support streaming across any device.

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Kevin Sawyer
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