ACCESS publishes new eBook: “The Definitive guide to In-Car Entertainment”

Oberhausen, Germany – 10th June 2020 – ACCESS Europe GmbH announces that it has today published a brand new eBook, titled “The Definitive guide to In-Car Entertainment,” which is available to download free at:

The eBook addresses the fact that long-established relationships between car manufacturers and owners are set to fundamentally change with the advent of the connected car. It looks at how entertainment services, powered by advanced In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems, will drive ongoing service-based relationships with consumers and what OEMs and Tier 1s must consider if they are to capitalise on these new revenue opportunities.

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The eBook brings together ACCESS’ unique mix of experience across in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) software, App Stores and content.

The publication comes during a period of unprecedented disruption to the modern world, with the COVID-19 crisis irrevocably changing the way people live and work, not least in the automotive industry. But it is also a period in which consumers have been more engaged with connected audio and video content than ever before. As the automotive industry cautiously re-starts its production lines, the next generation of cars will be more orientated to streaming content than ever before.

Dr. Neale Foster, CEO, ACCESS Europe GmbH, said: “If anything, the current pandemic and lockdown period has helped to underline the absolute, fundamental importance of connectivity in every aspect of our daily lives. We believe this will add momentum to the automotive industry’s move towards producing cars that satisfy today’s always-connected, consumer-centric digital era. Through the launch of our new eBook, we are excited to show how we can help visionary OEMs and Tier-1s to ready themselves for next-generation IVI infotainment.”

The eBook covers subjects including, the current state of entertainment and next-generation IVI within the connected car, next-generation radio and audio, video streaming services, who will own the in-car relationships and the race to control IVI offerings in fully autonomous vehicles.

Foster concluded: “Through our regular conversations with OEMs and Tier-1s we know that the next generation of vehicles will embrace IVI like never before. This move will place a new emphasis on software and content – industries that operate in very different ways to automotive. This eBook is timely because it’s important that OEMs and Tier 1s understand the challenges that lie ahead and the new revenue opportunities available if they get their IVI strategies right. ACCESS is uniquely placed to write this eBook through our development of ACCESS Twine™ for Car, which brings together the first ever dedicated in-car App Store with pre-agreed content licensing deals.”

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