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Los Angeles—The filmmaking trio Finback, known for their work in documentaries, commercials and branded content, has joined Accomplice Media for exclusive representation for advertising. Comprised of directors Kahlil Hudson, Alex Jablonski and Tyler Hughen, Finback has created work for such brands at RAM Trucks and outdoor clothing maker Filson. Their work is rooted in realistic, emotionally-driven storytelling.

“These guys are next generation documentary filmmakers who transport us into the lives of others in a way that is visually stunning,” says Accomplice Media Executive Producer Jeff Snyder.  “The images are aspirational while the moments and people are truly authentic.”

“Aside from great photography, what first struck me about Finback’s work was their ability to create a safe and comfortable place for their subjects to inhabit, allowing them to be natural, relaxed and honest in front of the camera, “ says Executive Producer Mel Gragido.

Finback: Kahlil Hudson, Alex Jablonski and Tyler Hughen
Finback: Kahlil Hudson, Alex Jablonski and Tyler Hughen

Hudson, Jablonski and Hughen formed Finback in 2011, have previously collaborated on a number of filmmaking projects. The three young directors were drawn together through their love of storytelling, the natural world and the craft of filmmaking. They work together in an organic collaborative manner, sharing creative roles based on the nature and demands of the project.

“Working as a team allows us to bring a wide range of skills to the shoot and ultimately arrive at a place that an individual director might not get to,” says Hughen. “What people get from us is authentic performances, attention to detail, high productivity and a broad range of ideas.”

Finback’s recent projects include a campaign for RAM Trucks and the Richards Group that included three television spots and three short documentaries profiling real-life outdoorsmen in the Rocky Mountains. The work combines stunning landscape and automotive cinematography with intimate narratives exposing the lives and beliefs of real life hunters, fishermen and backwoods adventurers.

“We’re drawn to stories about people you don’t normally see in advertising,” says Hudson. He adds that the campaign was produced documentary style with a minimal crew. “We took a camera on horseback above 11,000 feet to get some of those shots.”

Other notable projects include Low & Clear, a documentary-style feature directed by Hudson and Hughen and produced by Jablonski.  It centers on two formerly close friends who reunite for a fly fishing trip. The film won the Audience Award at the 2012 SXSW Film Festival. Finback is currently working on a feature documentary, Young Men and Fire, about fire fighters battling forest fires. That projects has just been awarded a grant from the Sundance Institute. It is also supported by grants from the Catapult Film Fund and the Telluride Mountain Film Festival.

Finback was introduced to Accomplice Media through a mutual connection at The Richards Group. Jablonski says they view the alliance as an opportunity to pursue more diverse advertising assignments. “We were very impressed with Jeff Snyder,” he says. “We could immediately sense his enthusiasm and knowledge of the market. We are excited to work with Accomplice.”

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