Ad Insertion Platform Partners with Tiledmedia to Bring Integrated Ad Insertion Solution to Customers Worldwide

Ad Insertion Platform (AIP) and Tiledmedia are partnering to give broadcasters, rightsholders and content owners an automated way to seamlessly deliver non-intrusive overlay ads into the video content of video-on-demand (AVOD) and free, ad supported streaming TV (FAST) streams. Thanks to the integrated solution, video providers can improve their users’ viewing experience without sacrificing monetization by reducing the amount of traditional ad breaks and replacing them with overlay ads.

Customers will directly benefit from this partnership via an all-in-one automated overlay ad insertion solution delivering a new series of ad experiences in the fast-moving CTV space. The combined technology displays when ad markers are detected, which ads should be selected for the segments of the video stream while the users are contextually targeted to increase engagement. Users can keep watching their content while a suitable ad appears in a corner of the screen or on a configurable customer location thanks to Tiledmedia’s Multiview technology.

The insertion workflow is automated via the Ad Insertion Platform’s SSAI technology, both for on-demand and live video. Ad overlay inventory is inserted automatically into the tech stack creating a simple programmatic workflow that is scalable and more efficient. The integrated solution offers a time-saving, automated way for publishers to monetize overlay ads across video streams. This integrated solution also offers content providers the option to activate ad opportunities independent of the content timing. This is useful for, e.g., sports events that don’t have natural breaks.

“Personalised Multiview Advertising is a game-changer in the video streaming industry,” said Frits Klok, CEO of Tiledmedia. “Our partnership with AIP has resulted in an innovative solution that combines the power of Tiledmedia’s Multiview streaming with AIP personalised advertising expertise. This advanced advertising solution provides a new revenue stream for service providers while offering a more engaging and interactive experience to customers.”

Laurent Potesta, CEO, Ad Insertion Platform, added: “Automated non-interruptive advertising creates a great complementary option for brands to connect with audiences nowadays with a high level of viewer acceptance. Without interrupting the viewer experience, an advertiser can contextually target its audience in an innovative and non-intrusive way.”

About Tiledmedia

Founded in 2017, Tiledmedia is a leading provider of innovative video streaming solutions for broadcasters and streaming providers in the sports and music industry. The company revolutionizes the way people experience live events, delivering the most immersive viewing experience using its advanced VR streaming solution and Mosaic Multiview technologies. Tiledmedia’s VR streaming solution has powered some of the world’s biggest sporting events, providing unparalleled VR quality to fans across the globe. Tiledmedia’s flexible Mosaic Multiview technology delivers multiple video streams simultaneously to the same device, allowing users to enjoy multiple matches or view multiple camera angles of the same match. With a commitment to innovation, Tiledmedia is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of video streaming.

About Ad Insertion Platform

Ad Insertion Platform Sàrl has specialized in dynamic ad insertion services for the broadcast and streaming industry since 2007. Their flexible, agnostic SSAI solution enables live or Video-On-Demand (VOD) ad insertion on Connected TV and OTT platforms, including Free Ad-Supported TV (FAST), and can be integrated with any existing ecosystem or infrastructure. Their Ad Break Composer allows customers to create, edit and optimize ad pods with easy drag-and-drop to deliver an exceptional, targeted user experience on virtually any player or connected device. When using the full DAIConnect® Suite, including their DAI Optimizer and monetization services, Ad Insertion Platform can sell inventory, unsold inventory or manage the entire ad sales process to increase fill rate and ad revenue.

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