AFT Poised to Release New Blackbird Thunderbolt 3 Media Docks


ATech Flash Technology (AFT) is poised to release its all new Thunderbird 3 Blackbird line of media docks and docking stations. ATech Flash Technology was the first in the world to create a 3.5″ drive bay multiple flash card reader. Their initial technology success began to further involve into such products as iPod accessories, USB drives and card readers. The California-based company has been on the cutting edge of USB and Thunderbolt technology since 2001.

The Thunderbolt 2 Blackbird US 1 media dock and Portable SSD Drive’s amazing features include:

  • Thunderbolt data speed technology up to 20 GB and it is rackmountable for 1U specifications as well as having an extra Thunderbolt port so that you can daisy chain as many as six other devices.
  • It runs with Windows 8 and 10 as well as Mac OSX 10.9 and the housing is industrial grade for long lasting durability and reliability. The unit also contains Dual SSD, Dual CFast 2.0, and Dual SD UHS-II card slots so that workflow can be increased as needed.
  • The Thunderbolt 2 Blackbird PX-2 portable SSD drive has an M.2 PCIe SSD memory drive, speeds up to 20GB and 1200 MB Read/Write speeds.

The new soon to be released Thunderboth 3 technology will take that already cutting edge technology even further:

  • The Thunderbolt 3 Blackbird MB dock station will enable anyone to increase and expand any 4K workstation with the addition of just one cable with data speeds increased to 40GB. With just one cable, you will be able to easily connect another nine devices and it is eight times faster that USB 3.0 and four times faster than USB 3.1.
  • It will support 4K cinema resolutions as well as dual displays with in addition to the two Thunderbolt ports that can daisy chain up to five other devices. There will be three rear USB ports for the increased ability to expand and SD and micro SD card readers for lightning fast photo transfer or editing.

AFT will continue to lead the way and be an innovator in its industry for years to come and its new Thunderbolt 3 technology will be a worthy added addition to an already impressive lineup.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer

Mr. Sawyer is a freelance writer, editor and journalist from Tampa. He has written thousands of articles for hundreds of magazines and news sites on countless topics including science, the media and technology. He is also the author of many white papers, special reports and ebooks covering a wide range of subjects.
Kevin Sawyer
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