AJA I/O Hardware Helps Brainstorm Deliver Flexible, Real-Time Graphics and Virtual Set Solutions

Spanish broadcast specialist company Brainstorm is known for creating sophisticated real-time 3D graphics and virtual set solutions used in broadcast, production and proAV environments around the world. The company, which recently celebrated its 25th year in business, services clients from its Madrid and Valencia headquarters as well as offices in the U.S., Mexico, Singapore and Beijing. To date, its solutions have been installed in more than 2,500 facilities worldwide run by major broadcasters like RTVE, CNBC, CBS, NHK and RAI; regional stations; and content providers in entertainment, sports and drama. When its clients need flexible, reliable audio and video I/O, the company depends on gear AJA gear.

For each client, Brainstorm provides turnkey systems comprising highly reliable industry standard hardware and the required software solutions from the company, from eStudio to InfinitySet or Aston, which cover a wide range of applications from real-time 3D graphics to virtual sets and augmented reality. Its solutions are used for a range of applications, including real-time 3D graphics, virtual sets, and augmented reality graphics in live broadcast, outside broadcast and live event production. To ensure its products deliver the highest speed and performance, the company integrates a range of AJA video audio and video I/O cards into its systems – from the AJA KONA 4 to the AJA Corvid 88, depending upon the workflow requirements.

“Our customers want to be able to switch between video formats and project configurations – whether different HD flavours, 4K operation or multi-camera setups. Building AJA’s audio and video I/O hardware into our turnkey solutions for clients makes it easier for us to give them that flexibility,” shared Brainstorm Product Manager Thierry Gonzalo.“AJA gear also won’t fail in the field no matter how many hours it has been used; it’s robust and has a consistent performance track record, even in the most demanding environments.”

Brainstorm also finds the future-proof nature of AJA’s tools a boon to client workloads. Gonzalo added, “AJA technology is engineered to support current and upcoming technology standards, so building it into our systems gives them the flexibility to adapt to industry shifts.”

In addition to eStudio, Brainstorm develops a host of other solutions that power its systems including the InfinitySet virtual set and augmented reality solution; Aston motion graphics creation and playout solution; and Neuron news graphics management solution, plus other template-based solutions like AstonElections or OnMedia. For more information visit:

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