AJA Ki Pro Mini Boosts “Just Seen It” Digital Transfer Times by 400%

(Grass Valley, California–February 26, 2014) Weekly review show “Just Seen It” currently airs on 246 PBS stations nationwide and can also be viewed via online platforms such as YouTube and HULU. Structured in a format paying homage to revered critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, each 30-minute episode consists of a rotating collection of producers, directors, actors and screenwriters who offer thoughtful, informed analysis on four recent entertainment releases in theaters, on TV and from around the web, along with a critic’s pick. At the conclusion of each discussion, the panel bestows a recommendation of “See It!” “Stream It!” or “Skip It!” on the content up for review.

To create each show, the production team leverages four AJA Ki Pro Mini digital recorders. Each Ki Pro Mini is mounted onto a Panasonic HVX-170 camera and records captured footage in the ProRes 422 format. From there, data is downloaded onto a Mac Pro via a Sonnet QIO CF card and brought into Apple® Final Cut Pro® for editing. Prior to using the Ki Pro Minis, P2 cards were used for recording, which required footage to be transcoded to DVCPRO-100 and again to ProRes 422, which was very time consuming for the small production crew.

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