AKA NYC Launches Market Research Firm Show & Tell Broadway

AKA logoNEW YORK— Entertainment advertising agency AKA NYC today confirms the launch of Show & Tell Broadway, a progressive audience research tool that provides Broadway shows and art organizations with deep insight into the minds of patrons.

Based on AKA’s leadership in analytics and data analysis, Show & Tell Broadway uses online surveys, in-person focus groups and other tools to help shows improve branding, advertising and marketing. It employs cutting edge techniques to collect and analyze data, and applies expertise in quantitative and qualitative analysis to distill raw data into actionable insights.

“We believe that data is knowledge and leads to stronger campaigns and better results,” says AKA NYC Managing Partner Elizabeth Furze. “Research is only valuable if it leads to meaningful action. We do not simply deliver statistics. We answer the question ‘So what?’ and we work with clients to integrate the insights we’ve gained into their campaigns.”

ShowandTellFurze adds that Show & Tell Broadway has tailored its programs to theatrical budgets so that shows can better afford to conduct advertising research on a consistent basis, previously challenging within a typical a show budget.

Show & Tell Broadway is led by certified Media Research Analysts Janette Roush and Sam Gates. It analyses such things as brand perception, pricing and competition. It tests consumer affinity for key art, copy and advertising. It also offers post-show sentiment analysis.

The agency’s online surveys uniquely draw on a proprietary, in-house panel of 12,000+ theater, arts and culture lovers. The database has been developed over a period of more than five years and rigorously tested as a representative sampling of arts-conscious consumers. This results in statistically-valid survey samples covering a broad demographic spectrum of both regular and casual theater goers and arts patrons. “We talk to the right people, and we’ve developed a methodology that makes conducting surveys faster and more streamlined,” says Gates. “We quickly generate feedback and identify actions so that they can make an immediate difference in the campaign.”

Show & Tell Broadway recently conducted intensive research in behalf of MCC Theater, one of New York’s leading Off-Broadway companies, as part of a rebranding effort. Surveys with AKA’s in-house panel and company staff, combined with previous research, provided a deep and nuanced portrait of how the company was perceived. Researchers were able to identify the company’s unique strengths and niche in the theater market as a showcase for “overlooked and unheard voices.” The results are informing both the company’s new branding, currently being developed by AKA, and its marketing as it seeks to broaden its reach among theatergoers.

“MCC needed real answers to begin our re-branding process,” notes MCC Executive Director Blake West.  “Show & Tell gave us a clearer understanding of how actual theatergoers interact with our brand and – more importantly – actionable takeaways to bring MCC to the next level. Show & Tell fully delivered on its promise and more than justified our decision to work with AKA on this important project.”

While Show & Tell Broadway is initially targeting Broadway and Off-Broadway productions, and national and regional theater companies, Gates says that its formula could be applied to many other arts and entertainment entities. “Our goal is to broaden our panel to address audiences for museums, galleries and even sports nationwide,” he says. “We believe we can help any entertainment organization better understand and communicate with its audience.”

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