All Mobile Video (AMV) Manages High-Profile TV Productions With TSL Products’ Versatile Audio and Video Monitors

NEW YORK, JUNE 12, 2018 – Since launching one of the broadcast industry’s first HD entertainment production trucks 20 years ago, All Mobile Video (AMV) has continued developing its fleet to keep up with evolving demands from both clients and the industry. Now featuring seven IP-equipped, large-format trucks in the U.S., AMV’s production fleet captures some of the most high-profile events on TV, such as the GRAMMY® Awards red carpet, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame® induction ceremony and the Times Square New Year’s Eve ball drop. The rising prominence of 4K video and audio-over-IP has prompted AMV to invest in the most cutting-edge technology, including advanced audio and video monitors from TSL Products. Units like TSL’s PAM2-IP, MPA1-MADI and MPA1-DANTE provide AMV with hybrid monitoring and mixing solutions for effectively managing both IP infrastructures and traditional broadcast environments during fast-paced, high-pressure television productions.

“We use TSL’s products in critical quality control positions in every production we do,” says Ian Vysick, audio design specialist, All Mobile Video. “In our industry, the market and technology keep progressing, which means we have to keep moving forward as well to ensure we’re delivering the best audio and video quality for our customers. Working with TSL is a guarantee that we’re equipping our trucks with the best monitoring technology available.”

When AMV first deployed the PAM2 audio monitor eight years ago, Vysick was immediately impressed with the monitor’s audio quality and ease-of-use. He says that TSL was receptive to AMV’s specific production needs and helped configure the PAM2 to provide faster, simpler monitoring out in the field. After testing a demo unit for the PAM2, Vysick says it was clearly a “far better sounding unit” than what AMV had been using previously. AMV has since added over 40 TSL units to its trucks, including the PAM2-IP, the MPA1-MADI confidence monitor for MADI streams and MPA1-DANTE for creating custom mixes within Dante® networks.

As shifting industry standards have required hybrid monitoring solutions, TSL has ensured its PAM-IP range can monitor both audio and video streams, while also supporting modern standards like SMPTE 2110 and Ember+, and retaining a full complement of SDI, AES and analogue connectivity. Vysick says the PAM2-IP is invaluable for quickly and easily switching between audio and video streams delivered in different formats to check for quality and ensure they’re in sync. This has allowed AMV to build a versatile fleet of production trucks that can adapt to each client’s specific needs.

“For some productions, we could be recording in three or four different formats with different delays, so we can provide deliverables to multiple networks and post production for a DVD later down the road,” says Vysick. “With TSL’s units, we can quickly and efficiently switch between monitoring audio and video in different formats.”

TSL’s products have also enabled AMV to design production trucks with more compact, complete solutions. Entertainment productions have grown larger and more complex over the years, and AMV needed to have separate monitoring infrastructures for managing its video and audio streams. With units from TSL, AMV can now install the audio and monitoring solutions it needs while freeing up space in its trucks’ crowded production setups. Whereas audio and video monitors in older trucks would require multiple RUs, TSL’s monitors only utilize 2RU.

“When we’re outfitting a truck with TSL’s technology, we can install the solutions we need while taking up less space than we’d need in the past, which means we can use less racks and fit more operators in the truck,” concludes Vysick.

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