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Allant’s new system goes beyond age and gender to reach the right viewers for brands

CHICAGO (August 18, 2015) – Marketers and advertisers are craving the ability to apply digital ad targeting to television. Advanced TV, the ability to reach households and individuals with more precision, is the answer. Today Allant, a leader in advanced TV, launches Advanced Advertising Insight (AAI). It is the engine that simplifies the complex process needed to execute these cutting-edge advertising campaigns.

How does AAI work? Advertisers and agencies define exactly whom they want to reach in terms of profiles. Allant aids the process by pulling together CRM data and third-party data in a master audience file, which is then activated to create audience segments – households that are most likely to be interested in the product or service.

“For example, advertisers and agencies could select women who have kids aged seven to 14, an annual household income of $50,000, live in select areas near a car dealer and have owned or leased an SUV for more than three years,” says Dave Irwin, president of Allant. “Allant brings all that information together and activates the next step, which is to provide the number of people who fall in the defined segment. Allant then adds a link of where these viewers watch TV, whether it is live, on a DVR, video-on-demand, or on other platforms.”

This process saves the advertisers and agencies time by providing audience counts across multiple distributors, such as cable, satellite or telecommunications providers. The current process requires multiple phone calls to the various distributors, which can take a week or more to complete. Allant then outputs audience files to partner distributors for campaign execution.

After the campaign, Advanced Advertising Insight analyzes concurrently across distributors to check how many segment viewers the campaign reached. It also makes the connection between who saw the ad and how many viewers then bought the product or service.

Irwin adds, “We want advertisers and agencies to leverage Allant as the easy button for Advanced TV.”

Why AAI? Allant has proven with hundreds of advanced TV campaigns that data-driven advertising through AAI can be 200 to 300 percent more efficient than non-targeted TV campaigns.

AAI is powerful for three main reasons:

  1. Allant works with more than 50 data partners to provide non-personally identifiable information, including credit card transactions, consumer packaged goods, loyalty card data, vehicle registration data, and demographic information.
  2. Allant has relationships with six of the top eight TV programming distributors, which provides national scale of premium ad positions across all networks.
  3. After the ad campaign, AAI delivers post-campaign results, including media reach optimization and sales conversion.

What does it mean for consumers? “Viewers get more relevant ads because advertisers and agencies no longer blindly cast their messages,” says Eric Schmitt, Allant executive vice president of TV and media. “Advanced Advertising Insight helps advertisers get you the ads that matter to you. That’s how Allant improves the TV experience for everyone.”

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Allant improves advanced TV for everyone through its research and measurement products for programming and advertising. Allant helps consumers get more relevant show promotions, and it makes the audience-based programming process more efficient for networks. Allant’s Audience Interconnect platform is built on years of TV, media and communications experience and simplifies the execution of linear, VOD and online household and zone addressable campaigns for national and local network programs. Allant’s customers include leading pay TV distributors, network programmers and Fortune 1000 advertisers. For more information, visit

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