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At CCW 2015, Amagi will bring its hyperlocal TV platforms to life, showing how they create new possibilities for TV networks, including playout in non-contiguous geographies, content regionalization, and monetization for specific markets in a multiscreen environment.

Amagi’s hyperlocal TV platforms are based on next-generation cloud technologies that reduce CAPEX and OPEX, offering TV networks an end-to-end broadcast solution at a fraction of the cost of traditional satellite and fiber delivery methods.

At the show, visitors can see Amagi’s award-winning hyperlocalization solutions firsthand while getting a sneak peek at the company’s server-side stitched dynamic ad insertion platform for OTT feeds.

Key Product Introductions and Demos

Next-Generation Managed Playout Service
A key highlight at CCW 2015 will be Amagi’s next-generation managed playout service, which simplifies video content preparation, management, and delivery for broadcasters as they hyperlocalize playout. Utilizing the end-to-end, cloud-based service for content delivery, playout management, ingest, asset management, archive management, quality control, traffic and scheduling, and 24/7 monitoring, broadcasters can dramatically increase workflow efficiency, reduce CAPEX and OPEX, and provide a superior television experience to viewers.

Based on a hybrid architecture consisting of cloud-management and edge-playout solutions, the service enables content owners to transfer assets directly through the Internet or transport content into the cloud infrastructure via portable storage methods. Amagi then automatically ingests and transcodes the assets into the required formats, archiving the content as needed. The service also features an automated content ingest workflow with built-in heuristics to automatically prioritize assets scheduled for earlier playout, ensuring smooth playout operations.

STORM Channel Regionalization Platform
As viewer preferences, content rights obligations, and regulations create a demand for hyperlocal TV content, Amagi’s award-winning edge content insertion solutions help TV networks stay ahead of the game. At CCW 2015, Amagi will demonstrate its STORM regionalization platform, which enables TV networks to insert local advertising and local content, without using separate satellite feeds, to match viewer preferences, abide by complex broadcasting regulations and content rights obligations, and monetize regional markets by attracting local advertisers.

At the heart of the solution is STORM IRD, Amagi’s enhanced satellite receivers, which are capable of storing content, detecting remote-insertion triggers, and inserting HD video, multiple audio tracks including Dolby surround, subtitles, and multilayer animated graphics. STORM features a unique content watermark-based workflow that makes it easy to use for TV networks.

CLOUDPORT 2.0 Channel Playout Platform
Amagi will showcase CLOUDPORT 2.0, the company’s flagship cloud-based channel playout platform at CCW 2015. CLOUDPORT 2.0 provides TV networks with end-to-end broadcast workflow capabilities in the cloud, including media asset management, quality control, subtitle editing and management, and automation and scheduling features. It is also well-suited for disaster recovery playout requirements, as it offers TV networks an affordable, flexible, and efficient platform that is equipped to keep pace with the growth of TV channels. CLOUDPORT 2.0 allows TV networks to hyperlocalize playout by allowing them to deliver content to specific non-contiguous geographies as opposed to the broad geo-reach of satellites.

To enable a quicker adoption of the CLOUDPORT channel playout platform, Amagi offers seamless integration with third-party scheduling, automation, and asset management systems. TV networks can set up CLOUDPORT 2.0 with minimal changes to their existing workflows.

THUNDERSTORM Dynamic OTT Ad Insertion Platform
At CCW 2015, attendees can get a sneak preview of THUNDERSTORM, an innovative platform that dynamically inserts ads on the server side, enabling TV networks to deliver personalized and targeted ads on OTT feeds. THUNDERSTORM is a paradigm shift from the traditional approach of inserting mid-roll ads on the client side, where users can easily block ads. THUNDERSTORM offers enhanced value to advertisers and equips TV networks to strengthen advertiser relationships and increase OTT ad revenue streams through accurate, assured, and personalized ad splicing. Furthermore, THUNDERSTORM eliminates the need to create device-driven OTT ad streams, as the ads are inserted at the server level, making them compatible across various screens.

Disaster Recovery Solutions
Creating redundant feeds using traditional broadcast models to address both short-duration and long-duration feed disruption can be expensive. Using next-generation, cloud-based broadcast technologies, Amagi can set up cost-effective, reliable, secure, and broadcast-grade channel feeds with advanced features to provide uninterrupted service during any disruption to the primary delivery infrastructure. During CCW 2015, attendees can meet with Amagi’s cloud experts to gain further insight into this important topic.

Company Overview:

Amagi is the leading provider of next-generation cloud-based content delivery and monetization platforms, products, and technology to TV networks worldwide. Amagi’s managed playout services enable broadcasters to scale operations, increase playout efficiencies, and deliver superior viewing experience to their audience at a fraction of the costs of traditional broadcast models. Deploying Amagi’s patented technologies, TV networks can distribute localized content and advertisements to successfully monetize the multiscreen environment and grow their revenue streams. Amagi is headquartered in Bangalore, India, with offices in New York City, London, Tokyo, and Singapore.

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